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Written by Alice Massimi, NBC News 3 Savannah   
Friday, 24 July 2009

One Florida Man believes teaching African American Kids about the accomplishments and history of Africans is a key to success…and he is walking up the east coast to prove it.

News Three’s Alice Massimi joined him today to talk about African Centered Teaching and whether it can solve some of our problems.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO.

His back aches and his feet hurt… but Amefika Geuka continues…
Step by step… almost halfway through his thousand mile trek from West Palm Beach to Washington D.C. he is walking for African American Youth.

“We feel the way to change that is to put a focus on education of those children being educated from their own perspective,” explains Geuka.

Which is why he and two others founded the Joseph Littles - NGUZO SABA Charter School in Florida.   
“The public education system in America no matter how well intended it may be, it actually demoralizes black children and black people because it dismisses for the most part that people of African descent have ever contributed anything of any significance to the forward flow of civilization.”

For example, while the history books say the Egyptians built the pyramids they fail to mention Egypt is in Africa and the Nile where civilization is said to be born is in Africa.

 “In fact if they knew their history they would be too proud to engage in certain things,” he points out. 
That is why Geuka feels using history as a role model can help keep young people out of trouble.
“Since you are not African American you have not been demoralized you don’t look in the mirror and hate what you see or wish what you didn’t see,” he points out to me. 

 So step by step Geuka hopes to replace negative with positive and put children on the same course.
Geuka says once he arrives in D.C. he plans on holding a rally and also reading a proclamation for African Centered Education Elevation Day.

To follow Geuka on his travels and learn more about the school click here:

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written by Joshua Ryan Sinclair , July 27, 2009
Throughout the Summer of 2001 I was blessed to be able to WALK every step of the way from Rochester, NY, to Albany, NY, then to Washington, DC for "The ONE-Man March - A Father's Walk for [LOVE &] Justice". The purpose was to direct attention to CHILDREN'S RIGHTS; To expose blatant bias (and bigotry) in the Family Court system (including CPS and Law Guardians, etc.); And to discourage parents from using their children as "PAWNS" and as "WEAPONS" when terminating their relationships and during custody disputes. Newspaper reports about "The ONE-Man March" can be seen on my "Most Devoted Father" (Joshua Sinclair) Myspace site.
While I primarily attribute the inspiration and especially the guidance, direction, protection and strength to plan and participate in "The ONE-Man March" to The Only True God, Jehovah, I was also absolutely blessed and prepared for "The ONE-Man March" throughout my upbringing via my very courageous and Civil-Rights Pioneering older siblings - I am Clarence and Bertha's youngest child and was thus blessed with four older brothers and four older sisters.
What an INDESCRIBABLY WONDERFUL SURPRISE when I logged onto my "Most Devoted Father" site on IZANIA and saw and discovered and read the news report that my oldest sibling - My Big-Brother, Amefica Diriki Geuka (The founder of the Josheph Littles - NGUZO Charter School) - is currently WALKING from West Palm Beach, Florida to Washington, DC, in attempts to direct attention to the importance of teaching African-American children and youths about the accomplishments and history of Africans!
My spirit and my humble - BUT MOST LOYAL, DETERMINED, AND FIERCE - support and defense is with him every step of the way.
Sadly, Amefika's nephew's Evan & Ethan Sinclair - my two, older [bi-racial] teenaged sons - were stolen away from me (A "Stay-At-Home Dad" and their "Primary Caregiver") on 1/25/99 and unjustly TOTALLY ALIENATED from me for TEN (10) YEARS THUSFAR by a "Brigade of Bigots" in the Monroe County Family Court, C.P.S. and the so-called "Society for the Protection and Care of Children (S.P.C.C.); and two [white] Law Guardians, after my ex-wife (who happens to be white) falsely accused me of being abusive in unscrupulous attempts to seize an advantage in our custody dispute. Hence, Monroe County Chapter of the "Bigots Brigade" have, in fact, actually gone to EXTREMES to PREVENT me from doing what Amefika is attempting to emphasize, and from teaching them about the accomplishments and the history of Africans and African-Americans (LIKE THEIR ESTEEMED AND HONORABLE UNCLE, AMEFIKA) - Just like Amefika himself did for ME while I was growing up!
By the way, since President Barak Obama is bi-racial like my sons, Evan & Ethan, but HIS [black] father reportedly willfully abandoned him and his mother when he was young (unlike Yours Truly - who was unjustly FORCED out of my bi-racial son's lives and prevented from having ANY CONTACT OR COMMUNICATION WITH THEM FOR TEN YEARS THUSFAR) and since he often exhorts fathers (especially BLACK fathers) to be more involved in the lives of our children, Back in April of this year I sent a detailed letter and documented evidence regarding Evan's & Ethan's DIRE PLIGHT and the blatant violation of our "Civil & Constitutional Rights" and our God-Given "HUMAN RIGHTS" to President Obama, and U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, and NYS Gov. David Paterson, and NYS Atty. Gen. Andrew Cuomo, requesting their response and involvement to ignite the correction of this gross injustice (or to at least order a prompt and thorough INVESTIGATION) - Especially since a C.P.S. Investigation Report which was prepared by Mattie Stevens and Ellen Sciolino (Dated: 7/6/2000) clearly concluded regarding my sons, Evan & Ethan: "THERE IS CONCERN FOR THE CHILDREN'S EMOTIONAL STABILITY IN REGARDS TO THEM NOT SEEING THEIR FATHER."
I am still awaiting a response from Pres. Obama; Gov. Paterson; Atty. Gen. Holder; and/or Atty. Gen. Cuomo.
Yours truly, Joshua Ryan Sinclair
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