About iZania

iZania.com is the outgrowth of a life-transforming experience of Roger Madison, founder and CEO. Near the end of a 28 year career with IBM, Mr. Madison was deployed on a special assignment to help re-establish IBM South Africa. During the three years following the end of Apartheid (1995-1998) he and his wife lived in South Africa, and he witnessed the transformation of an oppressed people who embarked on a path of self-determination that has reshaped the political and economic possibilities of the indigenous peoples of Southern Africa. One of the political parties promised to rename South Africa “Azania” if elected. This term means “the people of Africa,” and is frequently used to reference the southern regions of the continent.

At the core of the transformation process was a deeply rooted pride in the heritage of the peoples of South Africa, and the result was a sense of unity based on the “Spirit of Ubuntu – that profound African sense that we are human only through the humanity of other human beings.” This spirit of interdependence has resulted in people who were former adversaries working together for the benefit of all.

So, upon retiring from IBM Roger Madison set out to create a “virtual Black community” that embraced the Spirit of Ubuntu, and sought to connect the descendents of Africa to act in our self-interests. The goal is not a separatist movement, but a community fully integrated into the global village that celebrates the unity of the people of African descent.

We provide practical tools for our members to make collaboration a reality, and not just a concept.

  • The iZania Black Business Directory helps visitors find black-owned businesses online.
  • The iZania Networking Forum is a repository of solution-oriented dialog, blogs, featured articles, and ideas that address the issues of Black people.
  • iZania Market provides an online marketplace to buy and sell almost anything.

This community is sustained by the inspiration of progressive leaders throughout the history of Africans in America. What makes iZania unique is the priority placed on the vision of making us all proud of our African heritage. We share a common bond of thought leaders, business leaders, and progressive advocates for the self-interests of the descendents of Africa.

"We are Africans not because we are born in Africa, but because Africa is born in us. Look around you and behold us in our greatness. Greatness is an African possibility; you can make it yours." Chester Higgins Jr.

Our vision is built around the members of our community -- entrepreneurs, professionals, and consumers with different backgrounds and diverse skill sets, looking to express their ideas, meet new challenges and lead the Black community to the next level of economic growth. We invite you to join us as we shape the future for generations to come.

Roger Madison Jr.
CEO, iZania