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This video is a reminder to  celebrate yourself like you are the superstar of your own life. One of the core aspects of PR is to use media profiling to shine spot lights on individuals, raising their visibility and whilst you may never want  to be famous I still think that it is important that you find a way to celebrate your achievements. Give yourself the amount of kudos as you would anyone else who is doing great things in life and even if you feel like you are in tough situation right now, take a moment to recognise that you are worthy of celebration, that you deserve good things to happen to you and that you are making progress.

I hope this video helps you to take a moment to see how amazing you are and how amazing you can be!


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In this business video I'm sharing a slightly different style of message. After having conversations with some mentees about progress I just wanted to encourage other people who might need this reminder. I am not a business coach but I understand the challenges that business owners face.

In business it can seem like things may not being moving in the right direction. But quite often when things take longer than we anticipate it's for good reason, it means that the timing is not quite right for a breakthrough in your business but that doesn't mean that the breakthrough isn't going to happen. 
Don't lose hope. 
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