Obama's New Reality

ImageAfter governing for two years with his party in control of both houses of Congress, the president finds himself facing a Republican House, a barely Democratic Senate -- and diminished black power... Barack Obama may not change course, but he will surely face a new reality in 2011.

SAY "YES WE CAN AGAIN" -- Commit to Vote!


I believe that this election is more important to Black voters than the Presidential election 2 years ago.  We have to stay in the fight to help our President prevent a Republican takeover of government.

Transforming Power Into Clout

ImageThe recovery that is being led by President Obama needs the support of loyal Democrats. That means the EVERY BLACK VOTER HAS A STAKE IN THE OUTCOME. 

Black America Calling For "A Black Agenda"

ImageThere has been much ado about the very public feud television commentator, Tavis Smiley, is having with civil rights activist, Al Sharpton, over Tavis' criticism of black leadership purportedly saying that President Barack Obama doesn't need a "black agenda" after recently visiting the White House.

Good Reason Blacks Give Obama A Racial Pass

ImageThe undeniable fact is that President Obama has gotten a racial pass from blacks. This tormenting fact ignited brief finger pointing between the Reverend Al Sharpton and talk show host Tavis Smiley.  It’s hardly the first time that blacks publicly and more often privately have wrung their hands over Obama’s absolute unwillingness to say and do more for blacks.