Harry Reid and the Politics of Race

ImageReelUrbanNews.com sat down with nationally recognized political analyst, Dr. Earl Hutchinson, hours following the release of the insensitive remarks made by Democratic Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid in the newly published book, Game Change. Hutchinson believes Reid’s remarks are par for the course and not at all shocking.

The Age of Obama... Change we can believe in?

ImageAs the dust settles on 2009, we are still suffering the highest unemployment, highest foreclosures, the worst schools, and poorest healthcare. How are we to leverage the "Age of Obama" to improve our situation?

The Power of White Privilege

ImageWhen they arrived at the Secret Service checkpoint without a printed invitation, they were not detained nor were they scrutinized. No telephone calls were necessary; no further inquiries were needed; just white skin, blonde hair and a Pepsodent smile. Had this occurred at any airport in the country, the Salahi’s would have never made it past the first security checkpoint.

The Best Health Care System in the World?

ImageThe moment of truth for health care is at hand, and the distortion that perhaps gets the most traction is this:
Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama puts it, President Obama's plans amount to "the first step in destroying the best health care system the world has ever known."

Why the Public Option is Doomed To Fail, and What Can Be Done About It.

ImageSome highly profitable and job creating industries simply can't be reformed.  Slavery and child labor cannot not be made humane and reasonable, not with kind and solicitous masters or school and limited hours for the kids.  Both these practices were eventually cast aside. Allowing souless, greedy private insurance corporations to collect a toll for standing between patients and doctors may be next.

The Obama Plan in 4 Minutes

ImageFour minutes — that’s all you need to learn just what you get from health insurance reform. Take the few minutes and watch now:

The details the President outlines in this video are those that every American needs to know. No matter your political party or whether or not you have insurance, his plan for health care security and stability matters to all of us.