March 2017
Write on Wednesday, 19 April 2017 Published in iZania Community Blog

I believe we "as Africans" should take this as an object lesson. The lesson could be called how does such a great nation fall to it's lowest denominator. I believe it's in part due to the info attack that was played by Russia. What Russia did was to destroy honest and fact filled conversations that Americans could have had about our choice. Once the language was weaponized, we drew ourselves into camps that did not have honest conversations with each other as Americans. Due to our lack of honest and fact filled discourse we have a mentally ill and unfit person as a chief executive. Russia did not do this to be his friend or to make this country great. This was a successful attack. I believe Africans are still suffering from another info war, I will argue that organized religion in the form of the Tora, Bible, and Koran, were the tools that we the people when it was first introduced. I believe that faith took the place of spiritual practice. I believe that this faith over practice became certainty, in unseen things instead of civil conversations. Civil conversations are at the basis of civilization. If we learn something from the fall of America is to de-weaponize our own conversations with each other. We are all African! We all bring some solution if we care for each other, We need each other, none of us can be spared!