July 2017
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The time has come to realize the fate and destiny of African Americans. What I’m about to lay out here may be a hard pill to swallow, but it is the most relevant statement of all I made because its the plain and simple truth, so let the TRUTH BE TOLD. 

African Americans will be on the brink of extinction by the year 2050 and is already a DONE DEAL in this country! There are many Black scholars that also realize this theory and revelation. Many of them will not admit this publicly for whatever reason, but because of what I will illustrate here, they know what time it is. I’m not being negative or pessimistic, I’m just keeping it real because of the undeniable facts and evidence – mostly being the state of our minds and the system in place to eradicate us.

Does this mean African Americans will be totally wiped out or extinct as a race? Not really. Our race will never be wiped out totally, but unless Black people become conscious, take action, and utilize the knowledge that is available to us, Blacks will be drastically reduced to a mere fraction of our current numbers.

For starters, Blacks are now at the bottom of the economic totem pole. African Americans never achieved a solid economic base in this country, and when any attempts or advances Blacks made to become economically stable and independent, it was snuffed out by the government and the system in place as in Tulsa Okalahoma, Black Wall Street and other communities. What’s even more disturbing is that Blacks in this country are still at the same economic level since 1918 despite building this country. Consequently, Blacks have absolutely no economic power in this country despite the fact that Blacks have over 1.5 Trillion Dollars in spending power.

The powers that be began eliminating the anchors for a solid economic base in the African American community back in the 60’s when the government began breaking up the Black household with welfare programs that excluded Black men from the household and segregation was added. In the 70’s the system added the closing of plants like steel mills, and the influx of liquor stores on every corner in the community. Over the next 30 years, the system strategically began hiring Black women over Black males in corporate and mid-sized businesses to aid in the conditioning that Black women don’t need or can’t depend on their men to provide for them. In the 80’s, the implementation of crack cocaine and other drugs devastated the community, and the massive influx of immigrants into the country began replacing vast numbers of Blacks in the Work force. It all climaxed in the millennium with city and state legislates closing schools, systematically taxing, pressuring and fining Black businesses to force them to close or move out of the community- some for new development projects thus leaving Blacks with even less jobs. The real-estate collapse also caused thousands of Blacks to lose their homes across the country.


The country of Argentina is a perfect example of how Blacks are being eliminated in America. Argentina began the manipulation, gentrification and genocide of Black people not long after slavery was abolished. It is apparent that the United States has taken a page or two from Argentina’s and other countries playbooks on how to reduce Black populations. At one time, Blacks made up at least 50% of Argentina’s population. Today, Blacks in Argentina (known as Afro-Argentines) are a mere 0.36 percent out of a population of 41 Million people according to a 2010 census. That equates to about 140,000 Blacks that remains in Argentina. I urge everyone to read the article in the International Business Times titled “Blackout: How Argentina ‘Eliminated’ Africans from its History and Conscience”, for the startling comparison between Argentina’s and the United States process of eliminating Blacks from their population. 


Blacks are also the least respected ethnic group in this country. Immigrants have exceeded beyond Blacks economically because of their cultural wealth, the support of the communities they reside in and the resources provided to them. They are given grants- a vital resource that is not provided in the Black community. As for illegal immigrants, they too are benefiting from resources and opportunities presented to them to rise to legal status and prosperity in the U.S.


They are hired illegally in sanctuary cities and small townships by mostly small businesses that does not report them as employees so they can pay them the lowest wages possible. The system was altered to allow Illegal immigrants to obtain a driver’s license, and more.


That is why major cities like Chicago is fighting to remain a sanctuary city. Sanctuary cities rely on the influx of illegal immigrants to fuel their economy and to continue to replace African Americans in all levels of employment, commerce and the reshaping of communities.


As far as support goes, African Americans tend to support every ethnic group that plants a business in the community regardless of how management treats their clientele or the poor quality or hazards within the establishment. The Asian Nail shops is a perfect example where the nail technicians wear face mask’s to prevent them from inhaling the harmful toxic fumes from the chemicals in the nail polishes, glues, and other products. It has been revealed that these toxic chemicals can cause a variety of ailments including respiratory illnesses, infections, skin disorders, liver disease and cancer. This alone would make you think that if women observed this and wonder why they are not given facemask’s to protect them, they would stay away from these shops entirely, but they go in and give them their money anyway. That’s like paying to cause your body harm.

Black women have tried to open up nail shops, but they are not allowed to- either because of the zoning- as in the number of shops in a district, or the Asians (the group they buy the products from) mark up the prices so high that they can’t make a profit, because Asians have locked up that industry. An industry previously dominated by Black folks.


African Americans are a done deal in this country because of these main factors;

1. Blacks still hold onto and promote a defeatist attitude infused in our psyche from slavery

2. The act of killing each other in droves and racial profiling by law enforcement to the point of killing unarmed, non threatening and or innocent Blacks, which is rapidly reducing our numbers.

3. For the most part, Blacks will not support Black owned businesses so the businesses can expand to hire more Blacks, or to stay open to be able to pay the rising costs of operations, including Tax increases.

4. Lack of skill sets that allows Blacks to compete in the evolving job market. One example would be that our children are not taught Coding or advanced Coding and other skills in the school system. Coding is part of the new wave of tech Jobs, and whites and other ethnic children as young as 10 years old are now taught coding.

5. Systematic racism of the depletion of resources and jobs for economic growth and stability. Part of this strategy is to purposely not hire Blacks, especially Black males in above minimum wage or corporate level jobs. Blacks have always been and always will be “THE LAST HIRED and THE FIRST FIRED!                      

6. Mass discrimination and Incarceration of both Black men and women to fuel the prison industrial complex.

7. Phony Black leaders, Clergy, and puppet Black politicians in the community that helps keep this tyrannical system in place for their own greed or financial security

8. The manipulation of the campaign process and the voting systems that keeps another Harold Washington like candidate from squeezing into office while suppressing the Black vote.

9. Sickness and Poor Health that aids in killing us like the obesity epidemic amongst Black women where we will see a massive plague of Diabetes, Strokes, Heart Attacks and deaths by the year 2024. Black youths as young as 19 years old are now experiencing such heath issues and some have passed due to these complications. 


No other ethnic group has these cards stacked up against them. ABASOLUTELY NONE! When you add these factors up, the average Black in this country cannot advance economically and is living at or below the poverty level, and is living day by day in survival mode.

Some of these factors were explained to many Blacks and myself as far back as 1977.


Over the next 20 years, I’ve been able to predict and or warn my people of what is in store for us in this country and our demise by observing this tyrannical system.  


Noted scholars like Dr. Claude Adams, Jordan Maxwell, William Copper, Dr. Webb Evans, and Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, have also warned and or predicted this outcome and to this day, everything that was predicted and or forecasted has come to fruition- in other words, has come true.


To this day, I possess a book titled “The BOOK OF REVELATIONS”. This book (among other aspects of this society it explains) has predicted literally everything that is going on today and what’s in store in the future.


The book examines the origin of the bible from the Egyptian and Islamic Hebrew cultures. This astonishing book also shows depictions and or photographs of individuals like Oprah Winfrey, Eddie Murphy and others long before they became a household name as to predict their rapid rise to fame in relation to the state of this world. This book also diagrams, and or mentions world issues and leaders like Sadam Hussein and the Iraq & Afghanistan invasion in amazing and alarming detail. What is even more bizarre about this book is that it was published in the 60’s long before anyone could visualize any of these events, or knew of any of the people mentioned. Some of these individual’s weren’t even born, and yes, a Black man whom is noted as the most prolific modern day prophet of our time wrote this book, and I guarantee that 90% of Blacks cannot tell me who this person is.


That brings us to today, 2017. Not to digress, but African Americans have been warned about their demise and the forces and system in place that is aiding in their demise for decades. Blacks have been shown how to thwart their demise, but to this day, have failed to head these warnings and utilize the knowledge that is presented to them to rise to combat this system.

Over the past 30 years, formulas of revolt, how to succeed and uncovered facts about our history were introduced to the Black community only for the masses to ignore them by sticking their heads in the sand and for our so-called leaders to sweep them under the rug for their own personal greed and to remain a servant of master.


The latest example of this effort would be SILENT DOLLARS: 2 DAYS OF RESTRAINT.  SILENT DOLLARS is a highly calculated-strategic formula I created and began introducing in 2010. This formula was designed to completely halt or greatly lessen the production and revenue of white / corporate America by Blacks (the backbone of manual labor) not patronizing non-Black owned businesses and not working for theses business for two days straight that launched in June 2015, which is the end of the quarterly returns for corporate America. The formula also showed how Blacks could strategically take the two days off from work without repercussions from their employer. This strategic formula was reviewed, approved and supported by Black Scholars and organizations.

Silent Dollars was not just a formula to mobilize Black people in a concentrated effort, but to also open and change the mindset of people by restoring our consciousness and to create and establish the first Black Independence Day, because if executed, it would display our strength, the value of our dollars, and our independence.

Black Independence Day was designated to be our Official National Holiday where we celebrate our demonstration and consequential victory annually on June 3- just as we celebrate the pagan holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and July 4 by gathering in celebration at various events and cooking a huge spread with all the trimmings. That way, every Black person had a reason to participate. Silent Dollars took demonstrating and boycotting to the highest level. A level that the powers that be has no answer for and could not fight.

Unfortunately, too many Blacks in the community who understood the premise and formula of Silent Dollars did nothing, and it was largely ignored and or swept under the rug by leaders that could have made it go viral.


What’s even more alarming is that recently, not long after the election of Donald Trump as President and the introduction of his Muslim and immigrant travel ban, other ethnic groups through activist organizations, executed a watered down version of Silent Dollars. Hispanics organized and executed, “A Day Without Mexicans and Immigrants”. White women’s lib/activist organization’s organized and executed “A Day Without Women”. 

These groups took a page directly from the Silent Dollars formula. A day where they did not patronize businesses and did not come to work in America!

So let us tally up all the ethnic groups that participated in these demonstrations that was taken from the Silent Dollars playbook. Whites, Mexicans and Hispanics, Muslims & Arabs, Asians, Polish, and every ethic group in between. You got to be freakin kidding me Black people!


I was enraged when I heard about this in the media. Every ethnic group utilized Silent Dollars except the one group this formula was created for and disseminated to- AFRICAN AMERICANS! No wonder African Americans are a done deal in this country!


These groups executed Silent Dollars in protest of the Muslin Travel Ban and treatment towards immigrants and women in this country, sparked by Donald Trump. Isn’t that what SILENT DOLLARS was about? Demonstrating against all the injustice towards African Americans and abolishing a system that genocides Blacks while denying the resources for the economically stability? So I ask you. What’s up with that Black People???


These groups shut down much of the businesses and economic growth on the days they executed their version of Silent Dollars, and I bet dollars to doughnuts- at the end of the day after these groups were done with their marches or demonstrations, they gathered in their homes and celebrated with a lavish meal just like in Silent Dollars!  The two demonstrations caused many businesses to close on these days because their employees were mostly immigrants and women. Other business suffered a great loss of revenue. This was the proof that not only was The Silent Dollars formula viable, but it WORKED!

The marketing of Silent Dollars worked to where the word obviously reached other communities and ethnic groups who checked it out- more than likely on the website, and used it for their own causes. I presume their thoughts were… “Why not? Black people didn’t use it, so we will use it for our own causes!


For all other ethnic groups to come together and utilize the same formula that was introduced to the Black community back in 2012, and execute it in 2017 is downright SHAMEFULL!

If that don’t tell the mindset of Black folks and our evident demise, nothing is! THAT’S A NO BRAINER!


Because of this travesty with SILENT DOLLARS, I’m DONE! In done offering solutions that will help our people advance because no one will listen, and those that do listen will do absolutely noting about it.

Black folks cannot blame no other group of people but themselves for this shameful complacency! Again, as in so many cases in the past, we are our own worst enemy.


Now if anyone thinks or says, “Well Mark, I didn’t know about or haven’t heard about Silent Dollars”, well yes, that is not your fault. However, if you did know or heard about it, I wonder what would you have done about it??? I’ve asked a lot of people while traveling about the city if they heard about Silent Dollars and the majority claimed they knew about it, and I gave them additional info about it and the upcoming events.

I know for sure the marketing reached at least 1 million people though my platforms alone, but only 20 people showed up at the Silent Dollars picnic and BBQ the day Silent Dollars went into effect. I’m not complaining about the number of participants which was very cool and a blessing, and we had a great time, but there should have been at least 100 to 1000 people there.


I also know people that I gave the Silent Dollars formula to personally that did absolutely nothing about it. They didn’t show it to any of their family members, friends, associates or other people. Only my supporters, best friends, and small pockets of people that received the formula spread the word of Silent Dollars through whatever avenues they could and showed up at the Silent Dollars Fundraiser Dinner and picnic in solidarity.

My Board Members and I placed or emailed the Silent Dollars plan to as many community leaders and media reps as possible, which included a press release. That was the strategy for disseminating it to the masses, for the high profile public figures to receive it and use their platforms and resources to pass it on to their followers and the general public, but once they received the formula with the website address, they quietly swept it under the rug.

Silent Dollars was also marketed extensively on social media, flyers, and posters. All of which had the website silentdollars.weebly.com on the marketing materials.


Now I don’t care what pushback I receive on what I’m about to say, because I and many others know this is the absolute truth, so I must name a few KEY people that received the Silent Dollars formula that could have spread the word based on the platforms they sit on.


The Formula was given to former Alderman Dorothy Tillman, who has a show on WVON on Saturday mornings, Perri Small, another popular WVON talk show host who’s on Monday thru Friday at 9am, Matt McGill, former WVON talk show host at that time who’s show ran from 6am to 9am, There was one other person from that radio station (who’s name slips my mind) that I ran into and gave the formula who said they would place it in the station.


I personally heard Perri Small mention on the air that we need to execute a demonstration where we do not work or patronize non-black owned businesses to gain the respect and change the climate in this country, but I’ve had no response from her after emailing her the information. And my email records (if presented) will show that this is true, so this is not about me being a grandstander or being vindictive by disseminating false information. Everything I write about and or disclose is well documented!


Then there was the President of the Black United Fund- the late Henry English, Attorney Earnest B. Fenton- a prominent Black Attorney in Chicago who is also associated with WVON and has a show on Saturdays, and Father Michael Pfleger; renowned activist of St. Sabina Church in Chicago. I personally placed the Silent Dollars packet in these individual’s hands. We all know what influence these individuals and their organizations have in the community, let alone the contacts to forward Silent Dollars to. And guess what? Absolutely none of the individuals I mentioned responded to us in any form- not even to acknowledge it or to say, hey let’s meet to talk about this. Now I hate to suggest conspiracy, but if these individuals with their platforms and connections received the Silent Dollars formula, common sense suggest they surely must have mentioned it to one another, discussed it or just read it out of curiosity, so there was obviously a conscious and collective effort to sweep Silent Dollars under the rug.


If half of the individuals I called out had done their due diligence to use their platforms, Silent Dollars would have been a household name as it would have spread across the nation like wild fire!

These individuals have the resources, platforms and contacts to not only spread the word, but to place Silent Dollars in the hands of additional National and community leaders and celebrities of influence like Rev Al Sampson, Spike Lee, Ophrah Winfrey, KRS One, Beyonce & Jay Z, Jesse Jackson Sr. and others who could have all jumped on board to spread the word to their followers and the community.


Now in comparison, if anyone remembers the Michigan Avenue Shutdown on Nov. 27 2015, I along with an estimated 7000 protestors marched up and down Michigan Avenue in Chicago (known as the magnificent mile) and then formed human chains in front of every store to stop people from shopping that day. The loss or revenue that day on Michigan Avenue was 1 billion dollars! Most stores had to close up shop by 2pm. The reason this event was so successful is because Rev .Jesse Jackson Sr., Father Michael Pfleger, Congressman Danny K. Davis, Maze Jackson, community activist Mark Carter, and WVON are among the high profile entities who organized, supported, promoted, and or participated in it. Just think of the impact if these individuals alone had done the same in supporting Silent Dollars.


Keep in mind, when it comes to the general public, the messenger is very important. The average Joe will not contribute or participate in any form of demonstrations unless they have the OK or GO SIGN from their organizations or leader(s) they follow for guidance- be it local clergy, national leader, community activist, Etc. Remember, people buy in large are followers, not leaders.


Since I’ve called out individuals that swept Silent Dollars under the carpet, I must also acknowledge those that did their part who had a direct impact in supporting and or spreading the word. These individuals include Naimah Latiff; Author and Radio talk show host who allowed me to come on her show at least twice to inform the public, Cherri Montgomery; host of Radio talk show “Groovy People” who also allowed me to come on her show. Their shows are in smaller markets with a much smaller audience, but I find it interesting that the people in the major media markets and platforms never contacted me, yet the people in the small markets contacted me to appear on their shows or platforms.


Then there was my long-time friends Martin Williams, Tim Miller and Al Hodges who forwarded the formula to media reps and attended or worked the Fundraiser event. Brother Mike; the owner of the Historic Grand Ballroom who promoted the event and donated the venue to hold the Silent Dollars fundraiser event. Activist April Dawson,


Mr. Ed Pitts; President of Absolute Video who donated the LIVE BROADCAST for the Silent Dollars event. Mary Cox; President of A.M. Accounting & Taxes Inc. who donated the facilitation of our Articles of Incorporation. Clyde Banks; President of the UNIA and the UNIA Board members, Dr. Webb Evans former president of the U.A.P.A. (the United American Progress Association). Barbara Baker; Co-Chair of N’COBRA who promoted Silent Dollars and gave me the platform to introduce it at their meetings and events, and last but not least, my Board members Shanya Shelton, Vice President and Emily Johnson, Chairman. There are a few other individuals who had a vital role in the marketing of Silent Dollars that does not want their name publicized or I may have forgot, so I must include them as well. These individuals are the true warriors of the African American community.


As an individual, I did not have a high enough position of power and or Public Figure like following for the Major Market Media people to promote and or have me come on their platforms to explain Silent Dollars. If Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Sr. or even Dr. Cornell West had endorsed and or supported Silent Dollars, the Major Market and high profile leaders I mentioned would have blown my phone up within 48 hours of receiving it. GURANTEED! 


That brings me to another point. Many individuals and hundreds more of our so-called community leaders and maybe a few activist know this formula would work but purposely did not –and-or- will not endorse or back Silent Dollars because they make their living off the plight of Black people. If Black people were to rise to change this racist and tyrannical system and culture to where Blacks are treated with respect, gainfully employed, have decent schools, and build a strong economic base to rise from poverty, some of these individuals would not have a JOB or at least the warm and cozy position or job they have where they are not worrying about the rent, bills, and where their next meal will come from. And those of you who know what time it is know what I’m saying is true.

How about the migration and gentrification of Blacks from big cities? Recent stats show that Blacks are leaving big cities like Chicago in droves. Over 280,000 Blacks have left Chicago since 2012. Brooklyn New York lost 50,000 Blacks by 2010. Washington D.C.- once known as chocolate city has lost over 50% of its Black population, Detroit’s Black community looks like a ghost town, and the list goes on an on. Some migrated to other states, mostly southern.  Some moved out to the suburbs. Hundreds if not thousands of Black owned businesses had to relocate to other cities, states, or areas where they have a better chance to survive while others shut down all together, and these numbers continue to rise. If you add up the numbers, it is estimated that nearly 1.5 million Blacks have moved out of major cities in the U.S. since 2010. 85% of these numbers were people living in neglected blighted communities.

Speaking of blighted communities, in about 10 to 15 years, these communities will be a thing of the past. Politicians are to blame for the misuse of TIFF funds. 95% of the citizens in Chicago don’t even know what a Tiff is, let alone fighting to uphold were the Tiff goes, which is for blighted communities.

Most if not all Blacks will be gone from these areas unless they have the financial resources to remain there. Take a closer look at the make-up of people that have moved into low income or blighted areas and or is traversing through it. Whites, Mexicans and Asians now live in some of these areas and many have purchased properties as investments. We have been warning about and watching the migration of Whites and now Mexicans from the suburbs since the 80’s. Stores like Mariano’s and Whole Foods have planted locations in these areas because of the rapidly changing landscape. The lack of assets by Black homeowners, job loss and other setbacks quickly turns into financial crisis and foreclosure.

Now for those who say, “I’m not going anywhere”. I say, unless you’re making around $60,000 a year or more, you better think hard and do your research before you make that statement. First, I say you will definitely go somewhere if the man has anything to do with it. How you may ask?

Point # 1.  Did you forget about property tax hikes that caused thousands of Blacks to sell their homes or buildings because they can’t afford to pay the property tax? Property taxes have now increased to the point that they are more expensive than the homes or the value of the homes in low-income areas. How about other tax increases proposed by city & state governments in the near future. Not only that, all it takes is for a city council to target an area for redevelopment, then they proposition a millionaire or two to build a mansion or condominium in these areas and BAM the rent and property taxes skyrocket and everybody’s out pronto. I bet you never thought of that old school Pump and Dump tactic did you? 

Board Presidents of major Cities are raising or implementing more taxes while laying off hundreds of workers who already have a hard time paying their inflated property taxes, which will cause even more Blacks to sell their property. Blacks and poor people are being taxed out of big cities! This is a fact and reality. 


Point # 2.  Did you forget about eminent domain? Eminent domain is a law that allows State Governments or its agent through developers to claim your property for public use, or expansion projects. That can mean any project that is to enhance a city or community for economic development. There are several areas and or communities in the major cities in the U.S. that are proposed for eminent domain, and when a property in a low-income community is seized by eminent domain, what or where are the choices for the property owners or apartment dwellers have to relocate, let alone purchase a property?

If you’re a property owner, the money you will receive for your property in low income communities will not be enough to obtain a decent property in the city because property values in decent and upcoming communities has dramatically increased due to the gentrification and up-scaling process.

The average cost of a nice home, condominium, or multi-unit building in a decent area is at least $250,000.  The amount given to property owners from eminent domain would be the value of the property based on the area regardless of the monies the owner has put into the property. These values generally range from $20,000.00 to about $50,000.00 tops.

These two factors alone means that anyone who lives in low income / blighted communities, will have about a 10% chance of remaining in these areas, which means at the current pace, its more than likely they will be forced to relocate within 10 to 15 years.

This is just another avenue to gentrify Black and poor people out of big cities, but this gentrification process is merely a component of the bigger picture- mass elimination. Move them out as we move other ethnic groups in, limit them to certain areas away from the big cities, and exterminate them through the same processes we designed back in the 70’s, and sadly, it’s working. Black people were brought here to build this country and now that the country is built, its time to move them out!

All these points adds up to the current score…



Remember what happened recently in Charlottesville, Virginia? I had a discussion with one of my friend’s the next day (Sunday) after the violence broke out. My friend made the statement that in situations like that- meaning a rally or demonstration- that she would confront a white supremacist- specifically a KKK member where their head is covered by a hood to pull their hood off to reveal their face. I asked my friend… “What would that prove”? Her response was a personal satisfaction of seeing and or revealing their face regardless of the consequences in violating this persons right of concealing their identity. That being possible harm, death, or her incarceration, which she claimed she did not care. I found that very interesting and thought perhaps she was joking, but she was dead serious.

I also found it interesting that my friend did not think about the larger picture of the consequences of her act causing a CHIAN REACTION that could have turned a peaceful demonstration into a riot style brawl as both sides pushed to defend themselves and or inflict harm in retaliation. Her act could cause great harm and possible death and or incarceration to her fellow participants whose only intent was to demonstrate peacefully. This tragic outcome would also bring great trauma to the families, especially the children of the participants for the rest of their lives. Now regardless of the fact that she did not care about what happened to her, she did not THINK about what could happen to her fellow protestors who were there to peacefully display their grievance. This is a great example of how some people do not THINK before they act or react.

Now in reality, the chance of her getting close enough to a mob of White Supremacists to pull off one of their hoods before they mace her or clock her with their bats and clubs as they did the leftist in Charlottesville is pretty slim, but it’s the though that counts.


White supremacist converged on Charlottesville carrying Tiki Torches while chanting Nazi Slogans, Blood and Soil, and Hail Trump in full riot gear including helmets and a variety of weapons, including guns which indicates that they knew exactly what they were there to do fueled by the hatred climate that Trump has elevated since his campaign. However, the police did nothing to separate the opposing sides until violence broke out. Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old woman died by being run over by a car driven by a 20 year old man who is a white supremacist from Ohio. Dozens were injured, and two helicopter pilots died in route to quell the confrontations, all because someone made the first move in violating a person.


Remember, the ill though actions of one can cause the ill fate of hundreds if not thousands. Not to mention, the veil was lifted off the faces of the Klan and other White Nationalist in America since the 80’s-, which is one reason why you don’t see Klansmen wearing hoods in this day and age. The Klansmen that participated in the protest Charlottesville did not cover their faces. Helmets have replaced their hoods, and baseball hats with the words “Make America Great Again” and “Trump for President” inscribed on the front and shields with swastikas and other White Supremacist symbols on them.

They don’t have to wear hoods anymore because they have no fear of being identified. They also have no reason to hide their faces now that we are in the Trump era where his rhetoric has given them the green light to do whatever they can to Black and brown people without the fear of being held accountable. Everybody knows who he or she are! Their employers, their Neighbors, their relatives! They walk amongst us as Police officers, Attorneys, Teachers, public officials, and some are even involved in the Drug trade, which is how some of them sustain themselves.

The Mayor and the Charlottesville Police Department is mostly to blame for this tragedy. Lawsuits are being prepared as I write this article due to their neglect. It is rumored that the Charlottesville Police was intimidated by the numbers and firepower the White Supremacists displayed which is part of the reason why they stood back. If Black Lives Matter protestors converged on that town displaying battle gear and weapons, the police chief would have had the entire force out there in full riot gear from the start with their weapons pointed at them.


There is something else that everybody should be aware of. What happened in Charlottesville- as it was viewed by millions on television, was a signal to white people- in particular, passive or closet white supremacist that it is safe to proceed in planning more white supremacist rallies and marches all over the country besides increasing their unlawful treatment and discrimination towards Black and brown people without fear. However, let me tell you, the true signal was not what happened in Charlottesville, the signal was Donald Trumps response. The nature of his response and the timing says it all. The week-kneed statement Trump made on Saturday was the first signal. Then it took Trump 72 Hours to come to a podium and call out the White supremacist organizations that participated in Charlottesville. I wonder if anyone noticed his body language and that he read those words from a teleprompter instead of adlibbing. He could hardly look the American people in the eye!

That is because those words came from his speechwriters, not from his heart. His response that Saturday was his adlib remarks. That was the real Donald Trump, and on Monday, August 14, he communicated to his Supremacist support base that, “I ONLY SAID THAT TO QUELL THE LIB’S & MY CONSITUENTS” but it’s STILL ON! So be warned that what we witnessed that weekend along with the treatment and or discrimination of Blacks is about to increase 10 fold across the nation. It is reported that these White Nationalist / hate groups are organizing more rallies / protests all over the country. This is a serious and deadly game this administration is playing on this country; the game division.


Speaking of games… We are not going to war with North Korea. We are going to war with ourselves. This Trump White House Reality Show with the Co-stars, Bo regard Jeff Sessions, Robert Mueller, Mike Pence, and North Koreas Kim Jon Un is a distraction to divert our attentions and or interests from what’s going on in our own back yard as Trumps ignorant rhetoric is furthering the division of this country by creating a Civil War-like atmosphere. This is the same technique that previous administrations have pulled in this country in since before World War II, by creating a threatening situation abroad so that we would be scared enough to literally ask the administration to go to war to protect us, while we fight each other locally.


The Black community is also at war with itself. Our hatred for each other has spilled into all areas of society like the fights and shootings occurring at social events, malls, movie theaters, and sporting events like the brawls that broke out Monday, August 14 at the Summer League Championship game at the United Center in Chicago, which was mostly ignited by gang activity. The youth- largely Black teens in attendance scuffled inside and then took it outside when some couldn’t get in, which caused security to cancel the event and close the United Center.

Blacks have been fractionated in all avenues of our lives by design. Some Blacks are voting, but the votes are fractionated and suppressed. Some Blacks are marching but the numbers are fractionated. Some Blacks are boycotting, but the numbers are fractionated to lessen the impact, and black men & women are fractionated

from forming healthy loving relationships. Because of the state of the community and lack of resources and jobs, Blacks are frustrated to the point that we have turned on each other, and falling for the okee-doke mindset to confront the White man to cause conflict or to kill them. We choose the wrong weapons without discipline and involving critical thinking.

Blacks do not THINK and PLAN! As a whole, Blacks were never taught or trained to think in the early stages of childhood or pre adult years, only to react on emotional impulse! Blacks are taught to follow and conform to quit-pro quo- social and economic conditioning that benefits everyone else but us.

When I was in High school, the first thing my classmates and I saw when entering my 1st period class was the word “THINK” in giant letters on the blackboard. To this day, I still see that word in my head.

Even whites as a whole– in particular the White Supremacists who ascended on Charlottesville are also guilty of irrational behavior based on fear and hatred. Their reason for going to Charlottesville was to protest their loss. They lost in the removal of the Robert E. Lee Statue and statues pertaining to confederates or slave owners being removed across the country. They lost because of the election of Barrack Obama. They lost because of affirmative action and other legislatures that benefited low-income Black and Brown people, and they promote, organize and spread the word of their rebellion mostly through the Social and the Digital Media platforms.

Every ethnic group is caught up in this cesspool of Digital Cultural Conditioning and Blacks are feeling the blunt of it more than any other group of people. Blacks have become desensitized and removed from our culture as the Digital Culture has polarized society and is reshaping the community. Playgrounds today are digital playgrounds for adults as well as children. The new playgrounds are Facebook (perhaps the biggest source for fake news and for ignorant and or gangbanging individuals to display their behavior), and Twitter, Tinder, and other popular social media sites. Back in the day, children and adults went outside to play and interact with each other instead of staying in their homes on computers or smart phones to be conditioned to conform to a 200-character culture. Even when it comes to dating or finding a mate, Forbes reported last year that 15% of Americans have turned to online dating sites or mobile dating apps and has increased by 36 percent in two years, and almost 40% of Americans have turned to online dating at some point in their lives.

At the end of the Silent Dollars fundraiser event, we played the song “Wake up Everybody” by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. The first verse of the song goes… “Wake up everybody no more sleepin’ in bed. No more backward thinkin’- time for thinkin’ ahead. The world has changed so very much from what it used to be. There is so much hatred, war and poverty”. The song released in 1975 is a profound message to the world with a heavy emphasis for Black people to WAKE UP MENTALLY as in REVIVING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS to THINK. This song is even more relevant today, as you will hear this song played on certain showcases and Radio show themes.

Backwards thinkin’ is not a weapon for Democracy. In Democracy, your weapon is conscious critical thinking. Your weapon is your vote. Your weapon is what goes into your children’s minds by not letting the enemy take over the education of your children. Your weapon is supporting each other in commerce and solidarity regardless of your location, religious beliefs, gender, or who is sleeping with whom.


Everything is not as it seems when you watch or participate in such events like protests and rallies. Local and national governments, politicians, organizations, and companies hire crowds or individuals (better known as paid provocateurs) to perpetrate protestors to invoke violence, and there are places and or companies that will hire crowds for literally anyone. Anyone can go online and Google “Crowds on Demand” and watch the long list of links that will pop up on companies hiring paid provocateurs.


It is documented that Democrats planned the demonstration against White supremacists in Charlottesville by posting ads on Craigslist calling for people to be paid $25.00 for filler crowds.

The enemy also hires police to wear Black masks to simulate Black people and in some cases Black Gang Leaders to go into opposing turfs to commit drive by shootings to break or keep from forming treaties. Some shoot innocent Black people in the communities across the nation to support the hype that Blacks continuously kill each other and to further divide the community, so I encourage everyone to be cognoscente of this and remember all the tricks the enemy uses on the community. They are setting traps and also framing the community, so please be SMART and THINK!


Now everybody’s focusing on statues and White Supremacist rallies, but we don’t direct that same energy towards a mass nationwide demonstration to shut down this country to demand reversing certain laws and to correct the flawed systems. The masses can also file a class action lawsuit taking the Government all the way to the Supreme Courts Grand Jury for violating the Constitution. If people would focus on these modes of action, everything else would fall into place.

Of course it’s a good thing to remove certain statues (most of which were erected well after the Civil war- in the 40’s through 60’s), and symbols like confederate flags and so forth that symbolizes White supremacy, and I know we have to start somewhere, but once again, people’s focus is diverted from much bigger issues and strategies for change. The powers that be have strategized for decades by putting these systems in place, but we do not strategize to counter and change these systems.

While the Media and society focuses on the removal of these monuments, this administration has either passed or proposed legislations that keeps us systematically enslaved while speeding up the gentrification and extermination process.

This system that has kept African Americans and poor people from advancing has become outdated and is currently being revised. When it’s all said and done, this administration will piece together legislations to keep this revised system in place well after Donald Trumps ouster from the Presidential seat. They have made stiffer laws for Marijuana possession, making protesting illegal, lengthier prison sentences, putting a stop on Police Reform, and stifling Voting Rights, Criminal Justice, and Healthcare. The misappropriation of Government Funds runs ramped across the country. Propaganda was made LEGAL in 2012 and North Carolinas senate recently passed a law stating that you can run over protestors.


In the meantime, Trump continues his barrage of controversies to distract and cause calamity while he corners the World Market by including Russia in on the underlying economic engines to join Suadi Arabia, China and Europe, with the United States and his business ventures while simultaneously signing bills to strengthen this system. I believe North Korea is in on this United Economic Pact, which is why you see both sides selling dozens of WOFL TICKES. They are all running big game on the world and if the people of this country don’t turn all this anger into critical thinking action, things will only get worse.

Based on everything I laid out here, there is no doubt that African Americans are a done deal in this country and the extermination of Blacks is moving along as planned and is undeniably inevitable! Reparations will not solve our problems because of the systems in place, the state of our minds, and the healing that the community desperately needs. Black people have approximately three years to become conscious and take a unified stand and action if they are to survive this massacre! I GURANTEEE IT!

This is my last message to you my people.

If you’ve been following me over the last 20 years, you know I don’t just sit behind a computer releasing articles to inform or reveal the truth about everything from our government(s) to the emancipation of Black People to the evolution of our society to enlighten and to evoke critical thought. You also know I’ve been active in the community by participating in Protest and Marches, Boycotts and organizations like The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce and the Lawndale Chamber of Commerce, which I currently serve as Vice President. I also founded the BBA (the Buy Black Alliance), and co-founded SILENT DOLLARS Incorporated. I have held several events for the betterment of the community, passed out free School supplies at my BBQ business, and volunteered in assisting organizations like Black Wall Street, the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association), N’COBRA, and the U.A.P.A. (the United American Progress Association).

I will always love my people and be for my people without hating or discriminating other races. I will continue to work behind the scenes for my people, however, its time for me to put my writings and journalism to rest and move on with my life to focus on my businesses and as the Vice President of my Chambers of Commerce. I’ve written and or said all I could say so or do, so there’s nothing left to say. The information is out there. Besides that, I refuse to beat my head up against the wall in what’s obviously a self-inflicting brain-dead people who refuses to do what’s necessary to rise up and defeat the enemy, especially when the solutions have been introduced to them.

It’s been a pleasure, blessing and honor to present my articles to you my audience in all my platforms and I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to read and reflect on them. I also thank Just Me Magazine, MFN (Multi Facet Network), Izania and every Radio and organization platform that granted me this opportunity.

Now for you bible thumpers or extreme Jesus / religious freaks, please don’t go the Jesus, God or Prayer route with me because any logical conscious thinking person knows that prayer without action accomplishes nothing.

Prayer, Jesus or God did not stop the unlawful atrocities against Blacks since slavery over the last 300 years and how our children are murdered in the streets by the thousands each year. Black folks have been praying everyday since we got here as we watch our situation grow worse every decade. Prayer, Jesus or God did not stop the election of Donald Trump who’s is being called the Devil or the Antichrist - even after displaying his vagrant racist views, and his history of discrimination, molesting women, Narcissism, and his Mental State during his campaign, so don’t go there with me.


This is the future. I’ve seen it and is predicting it as others have before me, and if anyone can present documentation in the form of data that contradicts my prediction, then I will come out of retirement to continue writing my articles and exposes and recant everything publicly. I PROMISE!

Finally: Take advantage of the current broken administration and the blessings of the recent Solar Eclipse as the start of a new beginning in the chapters of your lives and the African American Community to alter the future- if not for yours then for our children and our children’s children, our businesses, and our cultures sake.

That’s what’s up, and as I always say in closing my articles…

“If you don’t believe me, do the research and you will see for your self”