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By Mark Finley



Last night, President Barack Obama gave his last state of The Union Address to the Nation before he leaves office. If you listened carefully, president Obama said some very poignant decrees that addressed various concerns on the parties and the community, and his accomplishments from his tenure.

We saw pretty much the same reactions from the different parties in the Chamber. The Democrats stood up and applauded the most to the points or accomplishments Obama stated, while the Republicans sat quietly, not applauding with strange glares on their faces in denial or disapproval, regardless of how factual his statement was.

This was no surprise to me and most individuals who had observed these addresses over the years. In fact, whenever a Republican President held a State of the Union address, the situation was (response) reverse as Republicans stood and applauded mostly, while democrats sat silent in denial or disapproval.

However, out of all the things he sated, there was one very strong point he made which I wonder if anyone else noticed beside myself.

After Obama's stated that People on Public aid is not the root of the problem in our economy, he then made the most PROFOUND statement of all, particularly in his entire tenure as President.


President Obama stated that “WE MUST CHANGE THE SYSTEM” when addressing the situations in our communities.  Yes, Obama subliminally (spoke in code as he has done in the past) addressed the Judicial and Law enforcement systems citing the situations of police getting away with blatant misconduct by either unlawful harassment or murdering unarmed and innocent people.


But here’s the kicker! I wonder if anyone noticed that when Obama said “We must change the system”, absolutely no one in the Chamber stood up and applauded. In fact there was DEAD SILENCE when those words came from his mouth. The networks only quickly showed a couple of faces in the Chamber as they just stared at the President.

This blank non-response by everyone in that Chamber is due to the fact that they are all PART OF THE SYSTEM and they are there to- more or less- uphold the system!

In fact, it is the system that they rely on to keep their positions of POWER! It is the system that got most of these people there to sit in that Chamber in the first place! I could tell by the DEAD AIR SILENCE that a few non-partisan folks (invites) in that Chamber was waiting for someone else to start applauding so they wouldn’t be the only person in approval.

At home, I stood up and applauded and almost cheered with glee when the President made that PROFOUND statement, and I know many of us who’s out here fighting the fight with our fellow protester's, strategists and community reps also applauded wherever they were when they watched this state of the Union Address!


This only goes to show you, and also proves what I and others like Professor Willie Dixon has been telling our community since 2000, that there is only ONE PARTY, THE WHITE PARTY! The Democrat party and Republican Party are simply DIVISIONS of this WHITE SUPREMACIST PARTY!


They simply trade positions in the house to offset our economy to benefit their agendas every eight to ten years- or when it’s time to change hands! The DEMOCRAT DIVISION comes in and rectifies what the REPUBLICAN DIVISION has torn apart. Both sides (DIVISIONS) have systems in place to benefit their agendas so it doesn’t really matter which “DIVISION” is in control of the HOUSE! We as black people still suffer and are victims of these DIVISION SYSTEM’S!

That is why we are taking this fight “STRAIGHT TO THE TOP” to at least tear down and re-construct the fraudulent JUDICIAL and LAW ENFORCEMENT SYSTEMS so that we can at least walk our streets and live in our home without being killed by RACIST COPS! I URGE EVERYONE to band together to focus on the MISSION “STRAIGHT TO THE TOP”! If necessary, we MUST take this FIGHT to the WORLD COURT to put pressure on congress to re-vamp this ECONOMIC & COP-KILLING / JUDICIAL SYSTEM!  PEACE!

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