26 Apr BLACK IN TIME: A Moment In OUR History

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James P. Beckworth:

On April 26. 1834. James P. Beckworth Discovered A Path Through The Sierra Nevada Mountains That Now Bears His Name.

Beckworth Pass, Located On U.S. Alt. 40, Between Reno, Nevada And Sacramento, California, Made Overland Travel To The Gold Fields Of California Possible.

Ironically, Beckworth Discovered The Pass On His Birthday, He Was Born A Slave On April 26, 1798. He Escaped Slavery At Age 19 And Became One Of The Notable Figures In The History Of Frontier America.

In 1824, Beckworth Was Adopted By The Crow Indians And Lived With Them For Several Years. He Fought Side By Side With Them In Battle And Eventually Attained The Rank Of Crow Chief.

Beckworth Was Known For His Toughness. He Was A Trapper, A Trade Frontiersman, A Gold Prosepector, An Indian Fighter And Army Scout. In Addition, He Co-founded Pueblo Colorado.

"In Order For Black History To Live, We Must Continue To Breathe Life Into It." -- Hubert Gaddy, Jr.
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