20 Mar Journey to the Land of Ubuntu -- Day 5

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"They invited us into the tent!  Regular tourists wouldn't get to see this part of South Africa." That was the most apt description by one of our travelers of the reception that was organized by our South African brothers and sisters from the churches of Christ in Tshwane. 

Inveted Into the Tent

We visited the Church of Christ  in the Atteridgeville Township for a welcome reception after a long day of travel and relocation from Cape Town to Pretoria.  The former townships are now incorporated into the metropolitan government council.  Yet the township citizens still experience a deprived life.  Much progress is being made, but the churches are still struggling.  This congregation worships in a tent, and they are working hard to raise the funds for construction of a church building. 

                                   Tebogo and Cato SA Singers


Brother Ernest Cato delivered a Gospel message of support and encouragement with the aid of interpretation from Brother Tebogo Ramatsui, the minister in Atteridgeville.   We were entertained by a choir of young South Africans, and their melodic a capella voices brought some of our travelers to tears.  Darien Flowers, one of our teenage travelers said, "I wish I could bring all of my classmates here to see the real South Africa."


Just when we thought the trip couldn't get any better, we were lifted to a higher level of connection with our African heritage.  Even though it is not likely that any of us are direct descendants of the nations of Southern Africa, we experienced a spiritual connection with the Africa struggle to gain freedom and prosperity.

Our cultural journey will continue tomorrow with a tour of Tshwane and the cultural village of Lesedi.

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