27 Aug The Democratic National Convention: Referendum on "The Dream" -- Day 3

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Today, Spike Lee offered his opinion that the election of Barack Obama will "change everything." He said that this election will affect US History, and even World History. He alluded to time being measured in terms of "before Obama" and "after Obama." This is consistent with recognition by Barack Obama and others that this is a critical moment in the history of the world for the future of US leadership in the world. It is awesome that a Black man will lead us into this critical period in the history of the world.

A friend sent me a photo and quote from Bobby Kennedy from 45 years ago that may seem prophetic. Take a look and let me know what you think.
















Bill Clinton wrapped up Day 3 as only he could do.  No matter what we may think about the fact that he is angry or not supportive of Barack Obama, I believe he solidified the spport of the Demoractic Party fathful with his speech tonight.  Consider these remarks.

Bill Clinton said it, "Barack Obama is ready to be President of the United States."

"He has a remarkable ability to inspire people, to raise our hopes and rally us
to high purpose. He has the intelligence and curiosity every successful
President needs.His policies on the economy, taxes, health care and energy are
far superior to the Republican alternatives. He has shown a clear grasp of our
foreign policy and national security challenges, and a firm commitment to repair
our badly strained military.

"Barack Obama also will not allow the world's problems to obscure its
opportunities. Everywhere, in rich and poor countries alike, hardworking people
need good jobs; secure, affordable healthcare, food, and energy; quality
education for their children; and economically beneficial ways to fight global
warming. These challenges cry out for American ideas and American innovation.
When Barack Obama unleashes them, America will save lives, win new allies, open
new markets, and create new jobs for our people."

This speech has set the table for a fantastic speech from Barack Obama tomorrow night.  I'm lookig forward to it.

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