14 Sep Obama vs. McCain -- 51 days to go. How Black voters can get Obama elected.

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Check this out.  Black voters can be the difference makers in key swing states. 

We have 20 days remaining to get more eligible Black voters registered and supporting Barack Obama.

Blacks are registering to vote at historic rates in 2008 and turnout will soar above 2004 levels. If we bump up African American turnout by 20%, it will be very difficult for us to lose some of these swing states. Check it out:

  • In Colorado there are 110,000 eligible black voters. Only 50,000 voted in 2004.
  • In Ohio there are 860,000 eligible black voters. Only 380,000 voted in 2004. (Remember Kerry lost by only 120,000 votes).
  • In Virginia, 945,000 eligible black voters, 465,000 voted in 2004.
  • Florida; 1,750,000 eligible blacks, 770,000 voted in 2004.

If you live in one of these states, your actions are critical to making the difference for our future.  We need to get Black voters registered everywhere.  We can win this election.


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