17 Sep Obama vs. McCain -- 48 days to go. Don't believe the hype.

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Don't believe the Hype.

Politics is a game of deception and hype.  At the end of the day, our political leaders have to come to grips with reality, and the hard work of political leadeship involves thoughtful collaboration and compromise to solve the issues of the day.  The work of the President, particularly, is complex and quickly moves beyond the soundbytes of the campaign.

Here is  the latest insight.  How do we distinguish between substance and hype?  Last week, the Republicans were filling arenas based on hype -- lipstick on pigs and pitbulls; reformers and mavericks; country first before pork barrel spending; Washington outsiders against the establishment.

This week, the REAL ECONOMY is unraveling -- Lehman Brothers bankruptcy; Merrill Lynch sold; AIG bailout; the stock market has dropped nearly 1,000 points; the bottom is falling out of everyone's future.  This is substance.  Check out the responses.

Obama is criticized for a long and thoughtful "two paragraph response" to the crisis.  McCain and Palin continue to spin the hype.

So, who do you want to lead the nation out of this crisis -- including the challenge to face the health care crisis, job loss, and continuing decline of the housing market?  A hip-shooting cliche' machine, or the smartest guy in the room?   

Here is a clue:  Is your annual income below or above $250,000?  Listen to the answers that each candidate offers for those in your income bracket and you will begin to see the real answers versus the hype.


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