07 Oct Share your story: You don't know WHO it will HELP

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Your story is NOT corny! Your experiences are NOT trifling!!  You have BEEN through more than you know!  Most importantly, SHARE your story!!

You know, alot of times, we underestimate the POWER of our story! I know of a woman who was gang raped at a young age.  However, she went on to become a successful business woman, martial artist (my karate teacher to be exact! LOL), and executive.  I marvel when she tells the story but it's important that she does.  Why?  Because so many times when we go through our life experiences, we treat ourselves as an "island unto ourselves".  We think that our experiences are UNIQUELY ours and that NO ONE can really understand what we're going through.

Now, don't get me wrong.  You can put 10 people in the exact same scenario and their responses may be different.  How ever, how powerful is it to YOU to know that someone has gone through the exact same scenario?

So many times, we look at people as the "END RESULT" and we don't look at the PROCESS it took them to get to that point.  It's easy to look at my karate teacher who is a Master in the Martial Arts, a successful business woman, and a professional and ONLY look at her for what she has become and not focus on her story of triumph over adversity. 

The stories that people share. The words that they say. These things MAKE an impact! I'm not saying that you have to walk up to every one on the street and tell them about your struggles.  I'm not saying that every body needs to know what you've been through.  However, never undervalue the impact and effectiveness of sharing your story with someone! 

So many times, we walk through life alone but it doesn't have to be a lonely walk!  Remember, even if you don't have money, or power, or fame, you always have your words! And your words can sometimes make the difference between someone feeling that the world doesn't understand and someone showing that someone that the world didn't understand them either!
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