09 Oct Black Man who is President, or President who is Black

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There are still too many people in America that refuse to allow Barack Obama to govern as The President; they will oppose him at every turn because he's an African-American who is The President. 

They oppose health care reform, and call it Obamacare.  They decry deficit spending, and now call the $trillion folley of George W. Bush "Obama's Wars."  They oppose the stimulus package that saved thousands of jobs for firemen, police officers, and teachers  and call it "out of control spending and big government takeover."  George Bush lost 8 million jobs and nearly crashed the economy with tax cuts and deregulation, but the leadership of Obama to stabilize the economy and get us out of the ditch is called "socialism."

This is the subtle presentation of THE ALTERNATIVE that is stirring the fears of white voters across the nation.  Recent political ads are depicting blue collar "actors posing as voters" who are linking the failure of our economy to Obama.

The only way to  combat these attacks is with action at the polls.  Get out and vote in November, for those Democrats who will support the President's agenda.

Remember -- NO VOTE, NO VOICE!

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