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Free to minimum paying labor is what this country & the Fed relies on for their productivity and profits margins. The best example of this would be slavery, which built the foundation of this country. The revenue from the free labor of slavery was the most astronomical surge of revenue the world has ever seen. Even the White house was built by SLAVES! Since slave owners did not provide for their living expenses when they freed the slaves, the now freed slaves still had to earn money of some kind by either working for themselves or finding a job working for the white man. Since slavery was all but eliminated, the country now had to implement a covert form of slavery for the masses. And to this very day, this new form of slavery is known as COVERT MENTAL SLAVERY. This new form of slavery was the key for this country to still profit from the cheap paying labor provided by the poor. As the Federal Reserve formed back in 1913, they piggy backed on this formula and ran with it. They carefully fine-tuned the new form of manual labor mental slavery to be updated for the new technological 19th century; however the feds had a big, big problem.

The former industrial revolution spawned a new breed of Americans through their offspring and because of this the feds cushy system was failing rapidly! This breed was a Middle Class of people that generated business and communities that kept monies circulating in their communities, which the Fed could not control. This new Middle Class was the fastest growing segment of society in the United States and was holding & or saving under the mattress (in their homes) billions if not trillions of dollars across the Nation then circulating those dollars throughout their communities & family’s and were passing on this practice to their offspring. At this point in time, nearly 80% of the middle class was not putting their monies into the banking systems that the Fed owned or controlled. The Middle Class homes were the Mini Banks for that era. Yes, the Fed was still making a huge amount of money for that time but at the same time they were losing money because of this insurgence of the Middle Class which means they were losing control and as you know the Feds entire game is about generating the most monies possible and controlling the masses at any cost in their game of monopoly. This is why the Federal Reserve devised & executed the Federal Income Tax System to help regain monies that the Middle Class was siphoning by the trillions from their profits. The Middle & burgeoning Upper Middle Class was able to save & hold massive amounts of monies in their homes because crime (as in breaking in homes) was not prevalent in society back then so people felt very safe and comfortable to keep their money in their homes. Remember how people didn’t lock their front doors and even kept their front doors open back in those days? So what did the Fed do? They began plans on changing the climate to escalate crime in America to scare people into putting their monies into their banking systems they owned. Their fathers & forefathers who started the industrial revolution had crated a monster as a result of that era and this sector was growing rapidly making their efforts virtually feudal so they launched a massive inflation campaign and simultaneously orchestrated the Great Depression. The Feds thrived on the now inflatable American Dollar in the 30’s, & 40’s from the great depression, but the great depression was now coming to an end. I’m not quite sure how this depression was ended but I do know that the system tried to credit Roosevelt with ending it. More than likely, the Fed controlled this once again just like they are doing today by slowing down the production (printing) of money. The Fed knew that as the Depression ended, they needed another mechanism to keep up the flow while manipulating the rest of the world for their pleasure & profits. That mechanism was World War II.

The U.S. first started manipulating Germany and Russia and enticing Japan into attacking the States. Japan fell for the bait hook line & sinker. So on December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor giving the U.S. the perfect excuse to take its place in World War II. This War was essentially a party that the Fed (the U.S.) had initially started but had not joined yet so they came in covertly through the back door. The Fed needed to generate monies that would be gained by entering the war through destroying Japan so they could cash in on of rebuilding it after Japan surrendered. While scrapping materials in the States for armament and other military items used to fight the war, the lower class & middle was the force once in producing these materials.

After the major wars end, including Vietnam, the Fed still was fighting the ongoing growth of the Middle Class and increased their efforts to diffuse the strength of the Middle Class. This effort was intensified in the 70’s because the middle class had become even more educated and sophisticated in managing their monies. Their focus was now directed at the Black /African American Community which at the time was the most growing population of minorities in the country. Blacks outnumbered whites at least 15 to 1, which meant the Black Middle Class was the fastest growing class in the country. In the 60’s & 70’s the Black Middle Class has grown & developed an infrastructure to where it was educating itself as well as implementing & incorporating business’s & ownership of homes at a very fast pace. Black Owned business was thriving and rapidly contributing to community stability. This surge of economic independence was partially credited to the Nation of Islam lead by Elijah Muhammad who devised a plan for Black America to be totally economically independent from White America. The book, “Message To The Black Man”, authored by Elijah Muhammad, mapped out an economic plan that inspired even non-Muslims in the African American community to follow his plan one way or the other. In retaliation, the system began eliminating employment for Blacks by gentrifying the local jobs that employed mass mounts of Blacks like the steel mills, auto plants & other manufacturing plants or closing them altogether. At the same time the system also increased liquor & drugs in their communities by putting a liquor store on every corner that just added to the despair. By the 80’s Crack Cocaine began its run in the Black communities by addicting many, many middle class blacks- causing them to lose their nice paying jobs, their homes and in most cases the business’s they have owned. As houses were foreclosed, property values plummeted and crime escalated. However, the Middleclass as a whole in America (white or black) was still a force to be recon with, so they inflated the dollar to make taxes rise though the local governments. The poor & lower class is never a threat because every penny they make goes right back out their hands so there is literally no disposable income. They have to struggle to make ends meet to pay their immediate bills. After that, they are broke till the next check comes in to start the process all over again. Because of this, the poor has to immediately go out & support the predominately white owned business & establishments, if not the foreign owned business that have sprouted up in the African American Communities since the end of the 70’s… the Chinese Restaurants, the Arab owned Stores, the clothing stores owned by Jews & now Asians…Etc. Today, most and in some cases all of the business’s in Black Communities are owned by foreign immigrants. Today, even Black foreign immigrants (African’s, Jamaican’s, Belizean’s… etc.) have now surpassed owning businesses & siphoning monies from the already suffering African American Community.

The main economic struggles began in the 80’s where the first massive layoffs began which peaked at around 600,000 people per month just like we are experiencing today. Before the economic slide escalated, the economy was still able to sustain its strength because it was mainly relying on the home market for which people borrowed against their homes (taking on a second mortgage) which circulated more money back into the market, and the inflated dollar just pushed more profits back to the Federal Reserve as they printed monies for the Banks to loan. The control of the monies & returns to the Fed was starting to get back in their control.

As we approached the 90’s because of the inflation rate caused by the Federal Reserve mind you, the Federal Reserve decided to change the currency rate. This was the next move on their monopoly board to build a situation of economic stress by increasing the inflation rate by printing more money. The Black Middle class was now a mere fraction of what it was in the 60’s and 70’s. The plan had worked significantly, but that wasn’t enough. The Fed also had to deal with the White & Foreign Middle class that was achieving the same success as the Black Middle class of the 50’s & 60’s. The return of currency to the Fed was still not enough for their hungry, greedy pockets as this portion of the middle class prospered and held onto their monies. The American dollar was once again on the rise! The value stabilized and was still a voluble commodity to the world but (the Fed) needed to push a lot harder.

By the end of the 50’s, Blacks were occupying most low paying jobs that whites previously occupied. As corporate America grew & flourished in the 60’s & 70’s, whites fled these low paying jobs and upgraded their education which upgraded their credentials for the mid to upper income jobs in corporate America. By the late 80’s, many young whites began migrating into the cities from their suburban environments to be closer to these jobs. This movement of young whites taking on these mid to upper income professional jobs in corporate America was now called the yuppie movement. Yuppie stands for… Young Urban Professionals and they are now a main staple in today’s urban society. They have widened the Middle Class and upper middle class that the Fed has been trying to eliminate. The start of the yuppie movement opened the doors for African Americans to take the jobs many whites were now refusing to take or do such as the CTA & other Jobs in corporate America. The Fed now had to elevate a large portion of the yuppies from middle class to upper middle class by having corporate America promote many of them from to mid-level to upper level positions; however, there was now a new invasion, this time from beyond the borders of this country. Yep, their battle is not over yet. It’s now the millennium, 2009. We have witnessed the massive foreign immigrant invasion, a huge influx of immigrants, legal & illegal from all around the world. Their fight (the Fed) is now to keep these individuals from elevating to Middle Class Status because their monies are sent back to their countries as well as circulating through their self contained communities. Either they keep them at a low-income status or give them positions in corporate America to quickly elevate them to upper Middle Class or higher to contribute to their Banking System. So far, they are doing a pretty good job in controlling the Middle Class as they diffused it to a fraction of its former self. The final battle is what we are seeing today. The Economic Depression.

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