30 Jan THE FUTURE: In a Society Far, Far Astray

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THE FUTURE; In a Society Far, Far Astray...

Recently I’ve been asked what’s about to happen next and what’s in store for America's future. I’ve though about this and have told people that in order to predict the future, it’s as simple as looking into the past. When it comes to the government and the Fed, history always repeats itself one way or the other. Chips are already being used to track your whereabouts using GPS. They are in your cell phones and can be activated any time to track your whereabouts, anywhere on the planet. They are in the cars that you buy. And last but not least they are in your passports. Any passport you now obtain, there is a GPS chip implanted in the corner. And last but not least they are now designed for implantation in your appliances like refrigerators to monitor what foods you buy and eat and even your credit cards. The ploy is for the public to be duped into volunteering to have these chips implanted in their bodies itself. People have already had chips implanted in their dogs to keep track of them and the government has been planting them in certain animals for over the past several years, and they are experimenting with humans already with these implants. You can go on believing that this wont happen to us as a whole globally and just sleep on it or blindly ignore this fact, but your children and grandchildren and even you if you live long enough will have to face this reality as our president whomever that might be signs in legislate a bill that will make it mandatory for people to have this implant in their bodies for their new form of CURRENCY, CREDIT and GPS!


RememberDoes anyone remember what I said about its all how you name things, phrase or say thingss        Things?


The New World Order???  Forget about the Freakin New World Order! You’ve heard this regime mention this way too much for this to be true. Yes the premise is true but not the name. This names & or regime is a smokescreen just like the economic stimulus package. This is meant to misinform you! This is all for entertainment! Just like television is used to distract you from the truth! Do you really think that they would be publicizing their intentions and the methods or routes they will use to accomplish this??? HELL NO! They are disseminating misinformation and disinformation to the public. One big clue you should have is how often Bush, Cheney, Clinton and now Obama has mentioned this phrase, NEW WORLD ORDER! It this was about that, believe you me they wouldn’t be bluntly informant the public year after year that this is what they are going to do.

The covert secret name for this is now called the GLOBAL PACIFIC UNION.

They have always reinvented their names & plans to keep the public astray from the truth. That is why they, the Buildebergs, and Trilateral commission meet in secret underground installation bases, military installations and in submarines at the bottom of the ocean where the media can’t follow them. In fact, around the beginning of my writing career in the late 90’s, I myself encountered a woman whom admitted that she worked in one of these secret underground installation bases! She claimed she was from Africa and then fled her country and stayed in a refuge camp. Now this female who was supposed to be poor as dirt had multiple cell phones and land lines and was able to cavort about the United States and the world like a rock star. She pretended she was interested in forming a loving relationship with me. She told me she loved me and that she wanted to move in with me. During this time I was spied on and followed by government agents and also my phone was tapped! Why??? Because I released sensitive information on the government and officials in my writings, which I disseminated covertly as well as anyway I could possibly think of. They monitored me to see if I was threat, to see how many people listen to me and believed in me!

Around this time I also was befriended by William Cooper. Bill as we called him was an X- Naval Intelligence officer that was exposed to highly classified government / military documents and operations while he was stationed on a U.S. naval aircraft carrier. Upon his release, he got pissed enough by what he read and experienced that he spoke out against the government and went underground. Much of what he was exposed to was obviously about controlling the masses while keeping segments of our society from achieving or advancing… thus mostly targeting African Americans. As I crossed referenced his information, much of what I learned or was told from Coop was true -and or- has now come to light as we know it today.

I wrote to Coop about my experiences and he responded before he was assassinated in November, 2001. Coop was a good friend and he believed everything I told him but we kept our distance because of security reasons. However, from then on I was compelled to bring forth much of the information I knew to my people in a sophisticated method.

You want the future? Well I’m going to tell you straight!

The year 2012 (the year the Mayan calendar ends) marked the beginning of our awakened consciousness. Yes, people will be more consciously aware and Blacks/African Americans will have begun regaining their identity, which have been stripped from us by slavery. Because of this, this will also mark the year of the biggest battle between the government and civilians! The government will formally begin to introduce many legislations leading to a dictatorship society. You’ve probably already noticed some of these legislations being signed or brought up on capitol hill over the past two years. One huge change will be the change of currency from our present U.S. currency to the Amero Currency System and eventually a global currency system!  If you’ve been following underground and also mainstream Media Outlets, you may have already heard of the Amero mentioned over the last 2 years in which President George W. Bush signed into legislation during the first term of his presidency. This signing was not highly publicized as only one mention on CNN, then kept hushed.

The second move will be in 2017 where the unrest in the Middle East will be dealt with. By this time they will be at war with each other and they will be in dire need of peace. Those countries will also be pushed together, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan to form a continental Nation under one currency!  You’re now witnessing the beginnings of this revelation with the unrest in Egypt and other countries.

Next, in 2020 China, Japan, North Korea and Spain will be pushed together. These separate unions will have wars that will destroy their infrastructure and the U.S will be forced to step in and govern the destroyed continents. The Fed will offer these continents to become one under the GLOBAL PACIFIC UNION! And the currency will be altered again to accommodate the world!

The vast majority of poor people (especially African Americans) in the United States will have been eliminated through crime, disease and famine from the fall of the country because of the climax of the economic depression. The African continent will be ravaged of its minerals & riches and will be under control by the U.S. The people will all but be eliminated by societal wars, the spread of aids and pandemics.

By 2030, chips will be implanted in each and every living person remaining to monitor their spending, money, health and whereabouts. Those who refuse to have the chip will be arrested, corralled up and placed in concentration camps or detention centers because this will be required by law. This will have become law because our advancing technology which will allow international terrorism to dominate the world. People will have the power to manipulate computers through their cell phones, and even in their heads through implants.

Now people, keep in mind that God created the human mind & body to correct itself by healing & or thinking. That’s why people have been slowly waking up over the last 30 years from the stupors they have been in. The mind is a thought seeking problem solving mechanism that the Feds did not count on when they launched their surge of control tyranny. That’s why there is a concentrated effort to keep the public dumb or a dumbing down of society. To take away the average mans ability to think & rationalize or to even think for ourselves.

During this time there will also be a great environmental issue that may lead to a disaster of epic proportions. The ozone & atmospheric layers that protect the planet from the suns harmful rays & gasses are gradually being depleted with holes popping up every year caused by… you guessed it! Man himself. Our pollution and waste that goes in the air is obviously reaching into the farthest reaches of the atmosphere along with launches from rockets that also punch holes in the atmosphere. This is the real-truthful reason that the government is concentrating on building multiple space shuttles. To find a habitable planet to flee earth and also dominate. It is rumored that some of our orbiting planets, like the moon, venues & mars are indeed habitable and the government already has bases on these planets that have been building in size since the late 50o’s. This is why the government sends so many space shuttles out in the areas of these planets, far away so the average telescope cannot see them when they circle around to the other side of these planets to drop off equipment. These bases are visible from earth but they place them on the dark side of these planets that do not face the earth so that people that have the technology (high powered telescopes) cannot see these bases.

This is just the beginning!

Stayyy tunned and stayyy focused!

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