25 Jun Summer Hair Care Tips

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 First picture summer hair after swimming regularly. 2nd photo a month of intense care using Sweet Nature by Eddie  products (This is my daughter)

It's finally summer time and you are probably ready to have some fun in the sun! If you are anything like me, you are likely trying to soak up every bit of summer because before you know it, winter will be here again. I love biking, taking long walks, swimming, or spending all day at amusement parks during the summer months. All of these activities are great for my mind, body and soul, but wreck havoc on delicate tresses if they are not properly cared for.


It's just as important to take extra precaution in the summer's sun as it is in the harsh winter's frigid weather. Many people don't realize that the sun dries out the hair and may leave it brittle if it's not properly and regularly moisturized; remember, just because there's humidity in the air, doesn't mean there's automatically moisture in your hair. Sweet Nature by Eddie's Dream Cream  moisturizer is a great light-weight moisturizer for the hair AND Skin. In addition to using great products,  here are some tips to keep your hair healthy and flourishing during these wonderful summer months.

1. Keep your hair protected by wearing buns, extensions, twists or other protective styles to avoid total exposure to sun. (Here's a a KIT  if you are chosing to wear braids, buns, weave or locs and want to keep your hair hydrated and strong)

2. If you are planning to stay in the sun for long periods of time, use a protective sunscreen on your hair before stepping out. You can mix a little bit with your moisturizer (Click HERE  for some great, natural moisturizers to chose from). Be sure to wash the hair afterwards using a moisturizing, sulfate FREE shampoo. I recommend Inspiration by Sweet Nature by Eddie

3. Stay away from heating appliances such as flat-iron, hot combs, or curling irons. If you MUST use them, be sure to use a heat protectant and use them on a medium to low setting. Don't forget to add a moisturizer to your hair before applying heat.

4. Do not wash your hair with hot water; this will dry out the hair. Use cool water instead.

5. Avoid using products containing alcohol, mineral oil, paraffin gel and other ingredients that lead to dry brittle hair. Sweet Nature by Eddie  doesn't contain these ingredients and will help to strengthen and hydrate over exposed hair.

6. Moisturize your hair daily (or as needed). Make sure you are using a water based MOISTURIZER  that is formulated with natural, healing and hydrating ingredients. 

7. Deep Condition  your hair after each shampoo. Make sure the conditioner contains some form of protein; this will keep it strong.

 8. Drink plenty of water to help keep yourself and your hair hydrated. Drink even when you aren't thristy because once you get thirsty, you may already be slightly dehydrated.  

9. Before plunging into a pool, be sure to coat the hair with either a moisturizer or conditioner if possible. Wear a swim cap, and wash the hair as soon as possible after exiting the pool with a gentle, sulfate free moisturizer followed up with a deep conditioner!  

10. If it's possible; stay away from any chemical treatments such as coloring or relaxing your hair over the summer! The hair is generally more fragile by the chemical and the sun will only exacerbate the dryness. 

The summer is NOT the time to neglect your hair; it's actually the time to pamper and show it some extra TLC. If you follow these simple rules you will be able to enjoy the sun and enjoy your hair! DON'T FORFGET TO SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER CLICK HERE

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