21 Jul A Healthy Scalp Grows Healthy Hair

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 You can't exactly expect a tree to grow in the sand. Expecting your hair to be lush and beautiful on an ill kept scalp is about as effective. We learn to nourish our skin and hair, but we often miss the mark on a healthy scalp; the consequences of which could very well be the cause of your hair's bad behavior or loss of hair altogether. If you've experienced thinning hair, itchy or tight scalp, lack of shine, absence of body, weak tresses, alopecia, dandruff or other "hair" related issues; your scalp could be the blame!
Many of these issues are caused by a lack of nutrients or addition of harmful ingredients. If you think about the way your body utilizes the ingredients in the foods we eat, you will realize that your follicles aren't that different. If you consume a diet of food filled with fat, sugars, sodium, with a low nutritious value; there's a great likely-hood that you will have some health issues; some minor, maybe some major ones, but your health will NOT be optimal. But, when your diet consists of healthy choices, your energy increases, your vitals are great, and you have an overall feeling of well-being. 

Same goes for your scalp; If you feed your follicles a diet of "foods" filled with ingredients that are high in mineral oil, petroleum, sulfates, cones, and other harmful ingredients your follicles will suffer from health issues as well. This issues may cause effects like slow growth, fragile and thin strands, easy breakage, balding, etc.

Natural ingredients are great because they generally have a high content of vitamins and minerals; they remedy many scalp issues with their healing properties. They energize the follicles, hydrate and strengthens the strands, and gives the hair "LIFE". They are also amazing with combating the damage of chemical treatments such as relaxers or dyes.

Other ways to get a healthy scalp:
  • Scalp Massages for 4-5 minutes regularly (daily is best) using the pads of your fingers. You can use NUTRIENT RICH NATURAL OILS  to do this once or twice a week. 
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Be nice to your scalp; don't braid (pull) your hair too tightly or use bonding glue on your scalp and be very careful when getting any chemical service.
  • Eating a healthy diet consisting of vitamins B, D, A, C; protein, and biotin found in foods such as salmon, eggs, green leafy veggies, prunes, carrots, green tea, etc.
  • A hair vitamin to supplement some essential hair friendly vitamins and minerals 
  • Scalp exfoliation is an amazing way to stimulate the scalp, reduce itchiness, and eliminate product build up. This is done with adding brown sugar to your CONDITIONER
  • Pass on getting certain hair treatments when you're premenstrual. Schedule your perms, relaxers, and color services during non-PMS weeks; we are more vascular and prone to bruising at that time,  
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