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By Mark finley



By now, everyone who’s not been hiding under a rock either knows or has been following the recent events and or crisis in Chicago which gained International attention. The crisis is centered on the release of a videotape showing the murder of Laquan McDonald, which is the focal point or theme for most of the marches, rallies and shutdowns in Chicago.

     One thing about protests is that a protest is also a form of asking. Not that protest is ineffective in some forms as they bring awareness, and boycotts can indeed impede revenue in commercial districts as the recent shutdowns proved. However, the enemy is well aware and prepared for the majority of protests. The establishment simply waits for protestors to have their say, go home and pray, then its back to business as usual. As natural warriors, we do not ask, we take! This goes back to our history as a people as it was well documented, and bought to our attention by our noted Black historians.

     However, there is a much bigger issue here than just the murder of Laquan McDonald which the media and the system is hypnotizing us to focus on. This whole wave of murders of innocent Black people that’s happening everyday across the nation is a HUMANTARIAN ISSUE, and our approach to bringing justice to this issue should be LEGISLATION! LEGISTATION will adjust the culture, which controls the system!

Now some may argue that this is a CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE, and in a sence that is true. But where did the Civil Rights LEGISLATE originate from?  The CONSTITUTION!- THE SUPREME LAW OF THE UNITED STATES!   And the CONSTITUTION was written as a blueprint on economics, governmental procedures and HUMANITARINISM.

 The constitution clearly states….

 Amendment VIII (1791)

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Amendment XIV (1868)

Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

 According to these Amendments in the Constitution, police departments and City governments across the Nation have broken the laws of THE UNTED STATES! And “We The People”, as stated in the opening lines of the Constitution, has the power to make our government abide by its OWN LAWS!

    The way we are treated in our workplaces is inhumane, especially in cities like Chicago. I’ve experienced this first hand as I have had to stand my ground and take my employers to task when I was falsely terminated, as the power structure from top to bottom engaged as co-conspirators or pawns to set me up for termination for at least a year all because I was a strong non-suck up Black man that played by the rules to advance upward to a department that I was more than qualified to work in.

     I took them to court with damming evidence of their actions, as I chronicled everything that went on in regards to my job and treatment in the form of a Daily Diary, presented it to the EEOC and my attorney, and subsequently won my case.       The Laquan McDonald and related cases that has surfaced has a similar scenario that features videotapes instead of diaries as the starting point, with co-conspirators in city government from top to bottom.


     Lets not overlook the overall situation at hand, as we increase our demand for justice, we must also demand for jobs, city contracts, employment, and to encourage and train our children to create businesses in the community. By us focusing on this humanitarian Issue through Legislation, it will be much easier to correct and or build on the other facets of our economic base.


     Moving Mayor Emanuel and others in this power structure out of office and putting someone else in these office’s without doing our diligent homework, and without changing the overall European influenced culture and the system based on this culture, would only be in vain because our problems will still exits! We will simply go from marching from one Mayor, or States Attorney, or police superintendent or a group of conspirators or institutions like IPRA, and the CPD, to marching on another, and another, and another- repeating the cycle. It doesn’t matter who we replace them with until this system and culture has changed!


     What about a Black President? He replaced a white president but did that really help African Americans, with a focus on the ramped police misconduct in this nation and the impoverished?

    During the month after Black Friday, it was revealed that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the Laquan McDonald tape one (1) month after the tape was neutralized by the Mayor and Co. and if Eric holder knew, then President Obama knew, which intensified the community’s focus on President Obama’s silence.              In fact, since Obama has been in office, blatant racism and police murdering Blacks and other hate crimes have increased in retaliation to conservative Americans disapproval of having a Black president.  Since President Obama has shown in his own way by not publicly addressing the Black community on these situations and not adjusting the system to improve the lives and economics in the Black community, as he has done for other groups, especially the LGBT Community and Illegal immigrants, he has subconsciously given the green light to disrespect and treat African Americans on a level not seen since the early 60’s.


     While on his vacation in Cuba, Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel released the statement “The CPD (Chicago Police Department) needs better training” referring to the CPD approach to situations like that of Quintonio LeGrier and Phillip Coleman having mental a crisis. However, what’s insulting about his statement is that training is not the Issue! Police officers are very well trained! They are trained to handle every aspect of their job! The proof is that you never hear of a white person being killed in response to a domestic situation EVER, especially on Chicago’s North side where crime and mental health crisis occurs on a daily basis too! This night and day comparison shows that their training is effective and that these incidents where innocent unarmed Black people are killed is more of a decision issue (intent / premeditated) not a training issue!



     You never hear of a white person being killed in the majority of terror-like or mass shooting incidents unless they have killed themselves. There were times when they (whites) spit in their (police officers) faces, cuss police officers out and more, and they live! Hell, even the surviving Boston bomber kid Dzhokhar Tsarnaev lived after they hunted him down and cornered him in a boat! They didn’t go in with guns or firebombs-a-blazing like they did when they hunted down Christopher Darden- a Black L. A. police officer that called out his department for cover-ups and misconduct on citizens.

    And how about Robert Dear (a white man) that killed those people at the Planned Parenthood center in Colorado Springs? He exchanged gunfire with police and killed a police officer, and he lived after he surrendered!

      After 16 hours on the run, Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Storm Roof was treated by police to a FREE MEAL at Burger King on his way to jail when he complained to cops arresting him in Shelby, N.C., that he was hungry. Dylann Storm Roof was arrested the morning after the massacre at the historic Mother Emanuel AME Church, which left nine African American worshippers dead. In all these cases, these individuals were treated more like HUMAN BEINGS than CRIMINALS!

     If we as Black people don’t focus on being treated like human beings, along with us treating each other like human beings, we will continue to be killed in the streets, our homes, and the hospitals, unless we focus on Legislation to uphold HAUMANITARIANISM - THE CONSTITUTION!

I call for every African American to give $5.00 of your hard earned money to put into a NATIONAL TRUST to finance (pay for the best BLACK ATTORNEY'S) a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against THE UNTED STATES GOVERNEMNT based on its own LAWS, for not forcing our municipal (Local/City) governments to UPHOLD and ABIDE by the CONSTITUTION for the MURDER of THOUSANDS of our INNOCENT UNARMED CITIZENS- ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN!

 If we were able to generate 250,000 signatures from petitions for Mayor Emanuel to be recalled, I know damn well we can galvanize at least a million people nationally to achieve this goal since Black people are under attack nationally and is effected by this genocidal system everyday!


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