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Now that the SILENT  DOLLARS MOVEMENT has begun and the information is now getting into the hands of people in places to further the movement, and after giving it looooong thought, I know it's time to now formally introduce it by mass  to the SOCIAL MEDIA & PUBLIC FORUMS.


This Document/Plan/Intro is lengthy but please take time to read it carefully to get the full understanding of the Strategy that will make a change in all of our lives and our generations that will follow!    And by all means PASS IT ON!!!

                    SILENT DOLLARS:

                                      2 DAYS OF RESTRAINT

                              Devised: Mark Finley 2005 – Revised 2007, 2009, 2011


Does anyone remember Bruce Lee in terms of seeing any of his movies? Does anyone remember the answer he gave the bully on the boat when the bully asked…”What is your fighting style?” in “Enter the Dragon”?

His answer to the question was… “The Art of Fighting without Fighting.”

If African American’s is to ever get the respect from the government & White America for fair and equal treatment on all levels for economic growth & prosperity to secure our future in America in these turbulent days, Black America (as we strive to regain our consciousness) must first adopt this strategy (The Art of Fighting without Fighting) and execute it IMMEDIATELY! Why must we fight? Because if you haven’t noticed lately, Black America is under attack! There is a strategic war on Black folks that’s designed to make African Americans permanent second class citizens while committing Genocide and Gentrification! All throughout history, Black America has never been respected by this nation. For starters, African Americans have never received REPARATIONS for the FREE SLAVE LABOR & BUILDING OF THIS COUNTRY while other Nationalities have received various forms of Reparations (and also apologies) not only from this nation but around the world which is now in the Billions! Native Americans, Jews and Japanese- among the many cultures received billions of dollars in reparation compensations while African American’s are still being denied, ignored and disrespected by this country in all forms. WHITE & CORPORATE AMERICA and the government is still reaping the benefits from slavery, the current racial, cultural & religious divide, the economic & media brainwashing and the minimal paying manual labor (today’s mental slavery) of today’s hard working African Americans & other minorities. Please don’t ignore the reality that racism is still present and cultivating in America. African Americans are still the last hired and first fired. Even more strong African Americans have been laid off or strategically fired from corporate America since the election of President Barrack Obama. Racial profiling of Blacks is ongoing and Blacks are still denied… positions of authority in corporate America, fair housing, loans and contracts for various industrial / commercial projects & advancements while other ethnic groups are granted all this with less credentials or qualifications. Unemployment in the Black community is now over 50% with at least 85-90% of our youth unemployed! And last but not least, every ethnic group in this country AS A WHOLE is now prospering and advancing more than African Americans- the people who built this damn country, for which the civil rights movement paved the way for the other ethnic groups to do so.

Currently, the unemployment rate is falling in every ethnic group except African Americans where it’s still rising at an alarming rate! Our children are being systematically targeted and conditioned for failure through our school system, media brainwashing, incarceration and ultimately second class citizenship at every turn. Recent statistics show that over 48% of Black youth is unemployed which means this percentage is even higher which is now estimated around 90%. More Black men are in jails or prison than in college. Mass transportation is not available or very limited in locations where low paying jobs are offered to African Americans. African American companies & contractors are purposely denied contracts to work on projects, especially projects in the African American Community. Black farmers are denied farm loans and programs that aid impoverished African Americans are being cut or are on the list of proposed cuts. African Americans with college degrees are substantially more unemployed than White Americans with college degrees. And last but not least, Black owned business is strategically being boycotted (not supported) by all races or ethnic groups, especially those ethnic groups that have businesses in the African American community. We are losing everything in America including our political power. The advent of welfare in the 60’s has taken the men from out of the homes with over 70% of Black children now being raised without a father in the home. We ask you Black America…. Where is your insult level??? If this is not enough proof in your face to get angry and take action, nothing will! Something, some concrete-failsafe positive movement and action must take place immediately to gain our respect, save our children, culture and well being in this country! We need a failsafe strategy / highly organized event to regain our respect and economic base in America!

Over the past six years of researching & formulating this Revolt and the effects of protest’s and government actions, we believe we have the prime very STRATEGIC solution! This strategy is crucial in battling this oppressive, evil White America & Nation and its regime that is stifling and eliminating African American’s by… Ignorance, shrewdness, racism & covert racism, gentrification & genocide! We MUST first fight strategically & hit this government & White America where it hurts the most… in their Pockets, Wallets, Purses, Banks & Commerce from all directions!

It is essential that we as African American’s must now focus on conditioning ourselves, our children & grandchildren on NOT PATRONIZING WHITE OWNED BUSINESS’S and INSTITUTIONS and any other NON CARING MINORITY OWNED business’s that doesn’t have the Black Community’s best interest at heart.

You should now see the effects & results of patronizing & or supporting other race’s business’s & institutions, which in turn supports their individual economies / country’s while at the same time threw the Black economy into the toilet. Their lack of support & respect to African American business & the community along with supporting White businesses should alone, be a major insult to YOU… The African American Community!

Do you see WHITES, ARABS, ASIANS, PAKISTANIS, JEWS and MEXICANS patronizing Black Owned Business’s, especially in the African American Community where all of these ethnic groups plant their business’s to suck the monies out of the community? HELL NO! Yes, there are minute exceptions that you can literally count on your fingers, but they do not represent their communities as a whole. However, you do see them patronizing White and other ethnic owned Big & Small Businesses, but you… BLACK AMERICA is the first to run right to these very same Non-Black OWNED and in many cases- DISRESPECTFUL BUSINESSES- when they open up a new restaurant, grocery or convenience store, gas station, nail salon shop, clothing store… etc., right in your own community and is also quick to run to other areas where you BLINDLY SUPPORT (patronize) big business’s & corporations like… 

NORDSTROMS, MACYS, CHASE BANK, SAKS, HOMEMAKERS FURNITURE, TRUE VALUE HARDWARE, FANNIE MAY CANDIES, SEARS, CARSON PERIE SCOTT, OLD NAVY, and many other NON BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES & INSTITUTIONS! Many of these conglomerates are even buying struggling Black owned businesses and re-formatting them to a more integrated clientele!

In many cases, these ethnic groups (whom many are illegal) are given the red carpet treatment when entering this country. They are the first to be given jobs in big & small businesses- much of which it’s hyped that Blacks don’t want these jobs. They’re taught English in our finest institutions to take your place in corporate America and other businesses. They’re also constantly approved for grants & or loans to open up shop in your community (Black America), and watch you flock to them in support, making them prosper as they disrespect you, and laugh at you all the way to the bank because of your ignorance while their monies goes back to their own communities and countries. The Jewish business invasion of the 40’s & 50’s into the African American communities showed the world that they could achieve and get away with it all because you (Black America) allow it! You (Black America) allowed it because you were trained to hate and not trust each other since slavery, so in turn- you (Black America) supported their businesses and not your own. Once the future immigrants of the world (mostly Asians & Arabs) saw this, the floodgates opened for them to follow suit. It’s time to stop allowing it! Stand up for your people, community & future Black America! REVIVE YOUR CONSCOIUSNESS!

Now for any perspective African American Entrepreneurs or existing African American Entrepreneurs, nay-sayer’s, brainwashed or non believing African Americans who think this is non factual or that the grass is greener on the other side, I now challenge you to go into their communities as they do ours, and open up a business and see what happens. That’s right, any business… especially the same kinds of business they open up in African American Communities. A restaurant, food store, clothing store, specialty shop... etc, and see how many of them will come in to support your business. Especially if you’re employing your own people! I CHALLENGE YOU! I EVEN DARE YOU! I guarantee you will be closing up shop in six months to a year. And please don’t fall for the hyped double standard that because they (the other ethnicities) support their own business and communities and being for their people that -this is cool or they are just doing what they’re supposed to do, or they’re foreign or any other crappy excuse, while at the same time when Blacks stand up & support their own people & or business and community that they are RACIST. Don’t fall for it!

 Now I realize that in some cases or instances (especially in situations or emergencies), like working in downtown area’s where there are no Black-Owned Business’s, many Blacks are forced to walk into these inferior business to purchase what they need at that particular time (like restaurants & specialty stores), and also because of their economic situation some may lack transportation monies to get to the few quality Black owned business not in their neighborhoods. And to be realistic or keeping it real as we say, African Americans don’t own enough to produce enough. Black’s don’t even own Moo & Oink, (a popular meat outlet in Chicago, Il.) that’s centered in the African American community. This is why this plan is so important to build a strong economic base in the African American community. This cause is about reviving your consciousness to FOCUS on building economic stability and respect. Now this will lead up to the ultimate statement of respect by Black America;

The event of…


The two days that Black America’s Dollars and labor will be SILENT in PARTICIPATING, SUPPORTING & PATRONIZING any & ALL NON-BLACK OWNED BUSINESS’S & INSTITUTIONS! This 2 day Demonstration combines a planned strategy and organization-the two key elements necessary to achieve this effect. Let’s not forget, “IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL”.

This two-day event will demonstrate the value of the African American dollar by boycotting ALL White owned business’s, institutions & functions, plus any other minority owned business’s that perpetuates the oppression & non-supportive attitudes & actions of Black owned business’s & the African American community. This also means not working on these two days which will strategically affect commerce & productivity! Just think of how much commerce will be impacted if Black truck drivers took 2 days off at the right crucial time! And let’s not forget about our Internet usage & traffic (hits) monitoring. Internet revenue earned by website traffic is in the BILLIONS!


What has Facebook done for the African community??? Does Mark Zuckerberg (facebook owner/founder) and the company support our causes or has made contributions to our community??? How many African Americans do you see employed by Facebook, especially in ranking positions???

How about Twitter, Google & My Space???

Don’t forget the same disrespectful non-Black owned companies, institutions and corporations that ignore our call for REAPARATIONS and OTHER CAUSES besides not supporting our community, owns many internet sites! These internet companies have a role in this as well! Staying off these sites & engines these two days is also very strategic, and will be very effective as well!! Just because you’re not shopping directly in the streets from a non-Black owned business during SILENT DOLLARS doesn’t mean you go online in lieu of outdoor shopping to conduct your business. You’re still supporting the oppressors! Visiting these sites translates into dollars going into their pockets! Remember, a click on the wrong site means revenue! So in fact, this is a Tri-Lateral (directional) protest! This level of protest is from all avenues of commerce; not working, patronizing and utilizing the non-Black owned internet sites are necessary to assure or guarantee success!

Cooking, Fun & Music will mark this NATIONAL two (2) day event.  This will include outdoor activities like barbequing & festivals to celebrate our protest, power & upcoming Economic Independence. This will be the official start of Black Independence Day. It is noted that Blacks / African Americans haven’t achieved their Independence Day yet, but at the same time we blindly join White America in celebrating their Independence Day… July 4th, as well as other ethnic celebratory days like St. Patrick’s Day, and let’s not forget the pagan European Holidays. It angered me during a St. Patrick’s Day back in 2001 when at my job- a White woman clad in green asked me, “Why don’t you have on any green”?  Certain whites try to mentally intimidate or pressure Blacks by asking them this question during this celebration as if they are either supposed to join them or are obligated to do so, but do you ever see these very same individuals celebrating any African American celebrations or cultural holidays like Kwanzaa, King’s Birthday & others??? The only reason you see most Whites celebrating King’s Birthday is because they may have that day off from their jobs. In answering the lady’s biased question, I told her … “I can’t stand green on me”. I then continued with my own question… “And besides, on Kwanza, (the African Americans equivalent of Christmas), do you wear the African American colors of RED, BLACK & GREEN”??? She said “no”. So I replied… “Well when White America wears RED, BLACK & GREEN in respect or in celebration of Kwanza, King’s B-Day… etc., then I will wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or red, white & blue for the fourth of July and so on my dear”. It is suggested that on St. Patrick’s Day, everybody is Irish for a day. Hmmmm… How many Whites do you think will be Black or African for a day??? Dressing up in red, black & green, eating African cuisine and playing African songs while drinking Mango punch with alcohol in it. Let alone doing this for a few minutes???… LOL.  I bet you can’t even count them on one hand. Try asking a White person this- the next time one asks you or another Black why they don’t have on green and see what they say.

Even Mexicans & Puerto Ricans celebrate their Independence Day by having parades & festivals all over the country, but they don’t go around suggesting everybody is Puerto Rican or Mexican on this day, or Cinco de Mayo- another Mexican celebratory week. However, White America embraces celebrating Cinco de Mayo far more than any African American holiday or noted day of celebration and markets this week for corporate America almost as much as Easter or July 4th. Puerto Rico’s Independence Day is celebrated about 2 –3 days in a row, usually through a whole weekend. They literally take over the streets in their communities by driving all over honking their horns and blasting their music, screaming & shouting viva Puerto Rico & other cheers, hanging or dangling flags out their vehicles while hanging way out their car windows and sitting on top of their cars & trucks. They literally take siege of their neighborhoods with celebrations. Now do you really think that the major cities of this Nation would allow Black folks to celebrate in this manner???  HELL NO! The former Mayor Daley, the current Mayor Emanuel of Chicago and other mayors would never allow that! They would simply corralle Black folks up in one locale (like a park) to celebrate for one day only. Now I ask you, why don’t we have the same thing???  Because to this day, Blacks have no national independence day! Blacks don’t even speak their native tongue. Every ethnic group in America and around the world can speak their native tongue and some even speak other languages, but not African Americans. That should be more than enough for you to get pissed off and do something about it! As a whole, the Black community doesn’t really give a damn about Africa or our original culture, which is why there is no thought or concern for our homelands independence, and a massive movement to send monies to this continent to help fight poverty & aids, let alone our independence right here in America that we should have earned since slavery. Black America has Kwanza, but Kwanza is not even widely celebrated by the masses of Black America because it is based on our African heritage, which has been widely dismissed & or pushed aside as just historical notes by Blacks since the 70’s. What is widely celebrated by Black America during this time is Christmas; the religious celebration of the birth of Christ that is commercialized and promoted by a mythical fat bearded elderly White man wearing a red suit that is supposed to break into your house to leave gifts to children that were good all year. Heck, he even gives gifts to the adults that have been bad all year!

SILENT DOLLARS will be an event that every African American can participate in right at home, or any locale of their choice by celebrating our upcoming Independence Day without having to worry about traveling expenses & lodging, unlike the Million Man March & its follow up march’s, which to this day, 1. Still did not get our RESPECT, and 2. As a whole, did not accomplish the purpose to conduct them in the first place, but at the same time pumped massive amounts of money into various White owned business that benefited from it… their HOTLES, RESTAURANTS, ROADSIDE GAS STATIONS & SUPPLY STORES. Yep! The White community benefited more from the millions march’s more than the African American community. And how about the peddler’s license’s that hundreds of Black vendors had to by in D.C. to sell their merchandise that week. No wonder they welcome any future/upcoming millions marches! Now, no disrespect to Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton and other long time leaders & representatives of the African American community. In some respects they are doing a great job representing the Black community by addressing and fighting for all its issues including International issues but….

1.     To this day, these leader’s with all their great minds combined have not come up with a comprehensive & failsafe explanatory plan of this magnitude to explain to Black America, especially its youth, on how to definitely execute a massive nationwide peaceful boycott to assure the security & future of BLACK AMERICA!

2.     These leaders with all their great minds know exactly how to achieve this goal of respect to the Black Community, but have not properly translated the methods of mental consciousness into the Black community in a form that the Youth can comprehend to retain the levels of self pride & fortitude that was lost in the 60’s.

3.     These leaders are not effectively appealing to the youth of today as a whole to get their attention to change their mindset to stop their violence & killings and be ambitious enough to follow them in such an event. As you know these leaders range from 65 to 75 years of age, (a huge gender gap) so they have not been successful with relating to today’s massive youth, in contrast to how they related to the youth back in their early activist years during the civil rights movements in the 50’s & 60s when they were 17 to 25 years of age themselves. And in all respect, on the flipside, the youth as a whole is not tuning in to even hear, let alone follow these profound leaders today.

These leaders must partner, groom & cultivate and allow a more youthful leadership of the positive, conscious HIP HOIP community that already has their attention, who can & will relate to as well as communicate with the same drive, initiative and newer methods to fully galvanize both the youth as well as the middle and older aged African American’s. As the youthful leadership galvanizes the HIP HOP community, then the elder leadership can routinely bring up the rear with their support and rally any & all-elder African Americans that is looking for their leadership and approval. Just look at how the youth of Iran galvanized against the election fraud during the summer of 2009. At least they showed some kind of fight.

The realization that Blacks must at least take to the streets in mass to bring attention to the plights and discriminations towards the Black community is now being recognized and agreed upon by many Black leaders, Media reps in the community. However, just taking to the streets may cause law enforcement retaliations in cities which may lead to serious injuries and even death. Although its noted that this move will send a clear message that we as African Americans are willing to fight and die for the cause, this move may not bring the immediate changes or respect to our plight. After the streets have been cleared by the National Guard after declared Martial law, everything will just go back to the way it was with the possibility of thousands of Blacks killed. A more concrete strategic stand for justice must be implemented where Blacks can fight while staying at home without the defiance of taking over streets that may cause loss of life. Once SILENT DOLLARS begins, people will be able to participate right at home and celebrate Black Americas first step to economic recovery, respect & independence by cooking Thanksgiving like spreads, relaxing & or partying, all without supporting NOT ONE WHITE BUSINESS! Symbolically, these two days will be an appropriate time to PARTY! Since Blacks are so into partying & boogieing, this will be the right time for it! These activities will also provide African Americans something to occupy their time on these two days, like attending church for the religious and events like picnics & bbq’s, parties, festivals, etc. Once Black America has achieved its goals of independence and respect because of SILENT DOLLARS, this will be a National Day of Celebration marked annually on the day of June 4th, just as White America & other Nationalities celebrate their Independence & other remembrance days. If Americas Independence Day is celebrated on July 4th, then the African American Independence Day will be celebrated on June 4th.

Now like other events & protests, this won’t happen over-night. You must first be mentally and monetarily prepared & willing to participate in the event… to execute the art of fighting without fighting. You (ALL OF BLACK AMERICA) must be mad enough & determined to make this happen without fear! You also must realize that this massive show of power will bring a change in the lives of African American’s forever!

First, we must eliminate the fears of repercussions by the bosses in corporate America that will oppose their Black employee’s from taking off & participating on these two days after they see that every Black in their company and companies all over America has either scheduled these two days off or has called in sick, utilizing their sick days. Remember, as long as you don’t go over (exceed) your allotted sick days, there is nothing they can do so please reserve 2 personal or sick days for SILENT DOLLARS. And remember, there is strength in numbers, so after Black America shuts down America for those two days, the respect level of White America will open up soooo many doors for the Black Community as our demands are met, including the explosion of Black Business’s & entrepreneurs which will eventually employ millions of African Americans Nation wide.



Strategically, this event will take place at the beginning of the Work Week, on a Monday & Tuesday. Monday is the most important & productive day in Big Business & Corporate America. Many Major Deals and merges are decided on these two days. The Big Shots; THE PRESIDENTS, TOP EXECTS & NEW BUSINESS TEAMS use the major airlines (American, United, & Others) to travel on these two days to conduct their meetings.

So shutting America down, especially in the case of the airlines, will also hamper, delay and in some cases cancel these meetings. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve been in Corporate America, and have been in Multi Million Dollar meeting’s on these days and have learned from the BIG SHOTS. THESE TWO DAYS ARE CRUCIAL!!!

Monday also sets the tone and flow for the rest of the Work Week. These two days are also crucial for shipping & trading (stocks). Monday & Tuesday are also major days for mail & parcel deliveries, both incoming & outgoing.

If these 2 days are offset (stifled), the markets & economy cannot rebound to recover on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, causing the WHITE ECONOMY Billions of dollars in lost revenue NATIONALLY!

All national Incidents, Boycotts or Tragedy’s happened on these two days.

May I remind you…

911 occurred on a Tuesday!

The Boycott’s of Alabama, Atlanta & Cincinnati took place on these two days!

The Million Man March took place on a MONDAY!

Hurricane Katrina Hit on a MONDAY!

And the list goes on & on!

The month to execute SILENT DOLLARS will be the Month of June. This is also strategically a crucial time to strike because June is the month following many major merges and Big BUSINESS DEALS in Corporate America. June is also the month chosen by the average company for its yearly reviewing point for the quarterly reports on revenue in Corporate America. June is also a major trading & action month for executing many plans for corporate America. June will show the first signs of summer and will be warm enough for those who like to do the outdoor Bar-B-Q’s and other outdoor activities to celebrate and carry them through these symbolic 2 days. The first week of June should be the proper time to execute SILENT DOLLARS. And finally, June is also a prime time for the event because after the event has subsided and Corp. America rushes to heal, the economy will be eagerly awaiting for the Holidays to arrive to make its biggest comeback. Corporate America (still weakened from the first event) will rely on the Holiday season as it always does, for its comeback process, especially on Christmas. Christmas for corporate America and BIG business is the biggest revenue take of the year for the economy. The revenue taken in by the Christmas hype is so huge, most big companies / stores generate enough revenue to compensate any shortcomings through out the following year. In other words, White Americas economy makes enough monies from Christmas profits alone to keep them afloat for the following year until the next big holiday arrives. This fact is something the government & Corporate America does not want you to know and will never let you know!

It is documented that the MAYAN CALENDAR ends on Dec 21, 2012, which is supposed to mark the re-emergence of our consciousness. This event will be the springboard of this revelation and will symbolize our awakening (our consciousness), so our goal is to execute Silent Dollars on MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2012 or MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2013. This gives the African American community plenty of time to UNITE (galvanize) & prepare.

If the government fails to reason (which they wont be able to afford not to) at the bargaining table, the Black community will simply stage a follow up SILENT DOLLARS attack exactly one (1) week before Christmas as a backup (insurance if needed), which will throw Corporate America and this government further into a devastating financial ruin. Remember, 1(one) week before Christmas is also one of the biggest travel & shopping weeks of the year. White America will not be able to handle another Boycott event of this magnitude at this strategically placed time! They will obviously & quickly reason and agree to any respectful / reasonable demands of equality set by the African American Community.

And the Domino Effect?

The Stock Market will take a dive and not recover in time, causing a bottoming out effect, otherwise known as a CRASH, thus causing many of White America to either take a cut back in salary or some getting temporary & permanent layoffs. By Tuesday, millions of additional White employee’s will be sent home depending on the business, company or institution because of the lack of services routinely done by the low paying, manual labor of the African American labor force. Transit systems, sanitation & other services will also be greatly affected. And theoretically, even after the two days has subsided, it will still take an estimated six months to a whole year or more for White & corporate America to fully recover from this attack.

Just look at the example of 911! Look at the examples of hurricanes Andrew, Ivan and the most recent & powerful disaster, KATRINA for which New Orleans and other parts of the Nation are still recovering from this very day! And NOTE; …All of these Disasters & tragedies were just in isolated areas! Now just think of what a BLOW the nationwide SILENT DOLLARS will do! 

THIS EVENT WILL GO DOWN IN THE HISTORY BOOKS AS THE GREATEST & MOST DEVISATING PROTEST IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!  But this can only happen if The Majority of African Americans and even non Blacks (other minorities I.E.: Puerto Rican’s) show their support, and FIGHT for their RIGHTS & FUTURE and PARTICIPATE in SILENT DOLLARS! Keep in mind that any boycott or revolt can only be affective if everyone participates at the same time.

Remember White America, especially the GOOD & PROGRESSIVE WHITES RIGHTS & FREEDOMS are also being taken away by this Government, started by the BUSH regime! And by the way, if you didn’t know, there is chatter in the White Community of a pending REVLOT because of Taxes and other issues surrounding the economy! Their asses have also been manipulated, lied to, and are also suffering in this cesspool one-way or the other!

Now Black America, if there is an idea & or chatter of a pending revolt in the White Community, you better quickly get off your buts and make damn sure you get to work on yours too! And SILENT DOLLARS: 2 DAYS OF RESTRAINT is definitely the way to make White America and the other ethnic groups respect Black America and pay for its injustices past and present to bring the changes we deserve!

One key factor for launching SILENT DOLLARS is our present state of the economy. If there was ever a more crucial time for Black America to activate SILENT DOLLARS, it is now! Now, while the economy is in the toilet! This may sound like suicide to some of you, but think about it. The statistics or percentages of Americans out of work are now at 8.9%, and that mostly represents White America. The Black Community has been in a recession state since we got here from Africa. This means that statistically, the number of African Americans out of work is estimated between 45 – 60%. So most of us are either out of work or will soon be out of work since the latest layoff rate is over 600,000 people a month! It was reported that an additional 742,000 jobs were lost in March 2009 alone, so the layoffs is alarmingly escalating. That’s well over 1 million people losing their jobs every 2 months! That means that at this rate, an additional 7 - 8 million people would have lost their jobs or will be unemployed by the holidays of 2009 and also, based on the current calculations, if you are currently employed, it is a 60% chance that you will lose your job within the next two years.

As I continued listening to the radio, during a newsbreak, President Obama stated that we are in the most devastating economic crisis since World War II. The Major corporations & big banks are already fighting for their very lives and for the most part are currently relying on government bailout compensations. The general public, White America and corporate America points the blame for this downfall in every direction but the Federal Reserve. Remember, consumer spending combined with menial labor is a key factor in bringing back the economy to its former strength. So think of the huge impact SILENT DOLLARS will make when it comes to economic recovery if implemented within the next two years!

After two weeks have passed from the SILENT DOLLARS EVENT, Black America, represented by the Congressional Black Caucus, will be able to meet at the bargaining table with congress and the President and make their demands for change. Because the economy is just months away from literally bottoming out, Congress will have no choice but to listen & bargain with Black America. And just in case Capitol Hill or congress does not want to comply, THE CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS & BLACK AMERICA will then announce the second SILENT DOLLARS ATTACK (at Christmas time) if the demands of BLACK AMERICA are not met. This government will have no choice but to make the appropriate changes for the betterment of Black America and their crippled commerce.

So you have plenty of time to prepare & make plans for SILENT DOLLARS”. For those who are still working, save your sick days and Vacation days! Keep track of them so that you can conveniently use them on the designated Monday & Tuesday of SILENT DOLLARS”. I urge you to stock up on everything… FOOD, WATER & BEVERAGES, BABY FORMULAS & DIAPERS…ETC, and all things necessary so that you do not have to spend A PENNY patronizing any White & Minority Owned Business’s during this impending EVENT!

THIS ATTACK MUST BE IN STEALTH MODE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE for White and Corporate America will surely scramble to have in place backup workers on standby to cover those who are participating on these two days if & when they know this day is coming in advance, that is, if they can afford to. Remember people, because of the state of the economy, they have already laid off Millions at this point in time and are now down to bare bones for their economic survival! Your additional disappearance & non-support will be devastating! This country CANNOT & WILL NOT survive such a MAGNITUDE OF A BOYCOTT known as SILENT DOLLARS!

Keep in mind we are not asking them to like or love us. They don’t even like or love each other, but they know damn well enough to SUPPORT & PATRONIZE THEIR BUSINESS’S & INSTITUTION’S for the betterment of their RACE & ECONOMY. African Americans must now learn to do the same and also DEMAND the same respect and fair & equal treatment which the government & White America will be forced to give after this display of our UNITY, INDEPENDENCE and POWER of the African American SUPPORT & DOLLAR!

Their current tactics and those in the making will further genocide & push Black America out of the major cities and into areas where they will be corralled up like the concentration camp like situations of the superdome & astrodome during Katrina, where even more mothers & fathers will be separated from their children & other family member’s. Do you, your children & grandchildren want to end up like that? Layoffs are still taking place throughout corporate America, and African Americans are taking the blunt of them. Especially the strong educated Blacks since the election of President Barack Obama. Many are not getting jobs that replace their former income and some will not get jobs at all for up to a year or more. Do you want to end up like that also? The African American community is experiencing its own Holocaust with innocent people (particularly our children) getting murdered in the streets at the rate of at least 25 a month Nation-wide. This situation alone has been growing for at least 25 years, yet this situation is not declared a state of emergency let alone a holocaust by our government, while at the same time, White America and the government rallies behind martyring incidents like Columbine and the Jewish Holocaust with memorials and anniversaries around the country. And if you really think about it, the idea & possibility of this very event taking place is the UNTOLD, UNDERLYING reason why Blacks are being eliminated & replaced in the vast workforce today by Mexicans, Asians, Arabs & other foreign entities besides the strategic tactics of GENOCIDE and GENTRIFICATION which simultaneously changes the VOTING PATTERN in all the major cities throughout the Nation. The invasion of the multitudes of Foreigner’s in this country is also to keep the balance of the White economy stable as they replace African Americans, for which Foreigner’s will gladly or blindly support. This government & White America is also realizing and coming to terms with the advent of the awakening of this sleeping giant and its repercussions by being faced with such a devastating blow to their economy by such an event. So it is EXTREMELY CRUCIAL that we must hit White America Now with this action in the next TWO (2) YEARS! I guarantee you that even more of the BACKBONE of small businesses & corporate America (African Americans of course) will be eliminated from the overall workforce by then. So contrary to belief, the menial low paying labor of Blacks is still a key factor in this country as well as consumer spending for the success & financial windfall of corporate America & the replenishment of the White economy. In our current economic situation, the Majority of African Americans are already out of work so they don’t have to worry about manipulating or navigating around their jobs or bosses. And those who are working should not worry. What are they going to do? Fire you when you use your sick or personal days? Put you in Jail? Blow us off the face of the earth? NO CAN DO!  That would do them absolutely no good because there would be no labor workforce to return to work for their productivity to rebound from the revolt. JUST THINK ABOUT IT! If you really want change you can believe in, SILENT DOLLARS will bring it by DEFAULT!  For this cause, you must now prepare in advance! Well in advance! Bring your lunches (prepared at home or other) so you don’t have to spend your monies at Giordano’s, & other non African American owned restaurants while working in the downtown areas. You must FOCUS on patronizing as well as developing Black Owned Business’s. Remember that you have the ability and intelligence to develop & open your Black Owned Business. Whatever business & or trade you start, incorporate it! Your private monies will be protected under your corporate accounts and you will also be more qualified for loans or grants. Not to mention a better tax break, especially under the current Obama Administration. The saying “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL” is not just some passé saying. It’s very, very real! Just take note of how all other ethnic groups are benefiting from this mind-set / practice!

       We now hope & pray that you now see just how important it is to execute


I guarantee you beyond a shadow of doubt; this is the only way that we as a people will survive this

on-slaught in America and get the respect we deserve from WHITE AMERICA,


                                                     And remember…


                                 PEACE ON TO YOU!

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