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The occupying movement’s across the country is supposed to spark a rejuvenation or renaissance of monetary / economic / employment equality which for the most part won’t accomplish anything but awareness. In that case let’s use our brains and simply OCCUPY NOTHING! When we go to work, we occupy whatever surroundings necessary pertaining to our job. When we flock to the big box store, department stores & malls, we collectively occupy these designated locations for mass consumer spending. Every time we venture out into the world on a weekly basis, we occupy all this & more while indirectly and in most cases involuntarily contributing to this debacle.

Wouldn’t it be easier to launch an OCCUPY NOTHING movement where we just stay home for exactly two (2) DAYS and not shop anywhere or work anywhere to make our point even bigger to bring the restitutions that we deserve? If you give this some serious though, they want us to take the exact opposite reaction to this economic dismay and blatant disregard for the American well being (the 99%) and most of all, AFRICAN AMERICANS. Over the last 50 years, the powers that be has directed or at least re directed our culture, mindset and common sense to the point where we do not think as they think in terms of effective strategizing boycotts & protests.

As long as we keep supporting corporate America, the big banks, political … etc., while simultaneously working for them to keep us at bay and under their control, they could care less how many public places we occupy- as long as we continue to occupy (support) these Institutions.

If anyone has followed the course predicted and or researched by our scholars on our government, society & culture society throughout history – in conjunction to what I’ve been writing about pertaining to this urgent matter-especially the occupy movement’s (civil unrest), then you should see how everything foretold to you has come to light. The occupy movements is exactly what I and others said would happen and also what the powers that be (The Elites) calculated would happen as a result of the current economic, political & social climate / conditions. The dumbing down of society is what’s leading many to react to these atrocities by occupying (taking to the Streets) & other forms of civil unrest.

I can just see the glee on some of their faces in their private meetings as they rejoice that everything is falling into place- right on schedule as calculated. Since Occupy Wall Street began, American police officers have arrested thousands of people for exercising their constitutionally protected right to protest. Recently, protestors have been unlawfully beaten, peppered sprayed and moved every week as more people have joined the movement and those numbers are increasing. Recently, more African Americans are borrowing from & or joining the occupy movement’s with the recent incarnation called OCCUPY the HOOD. Even a preacher in Chicago, IL. has vamped on the movement to occupy a roof so he can raise monies to turn an old motel into a community center. In addition, rapper/business mogul Jay-Z has launched his- “OCCUPY EVERYTHING” movement by releasing T-Shirts. However, it’s been noted that none of the proceeds from the T-Shirts- which is now in the millions and could reach the billions by year’s end- have been donated to the occupy Wall Street movement to aid in its financing. Movements of this nature require financing for food, heating shelters and in some cases clothing & sanitation. First, let’s stop following what White people start as if they have the fix-all solutions to even our own problems. And second, Duhhhh… Jay-Z and other Blacks, haven’t you noticed that many African Americans have been occupying the streets since the 60’s??? They’re called Gang Bangers & thugs! Again, this reaction has been predicted & strategically calculated by our rulers and in one case the National Guard has been considered for enforcing curfews in the parks & other areas in cities where occupiers are congregating. Remember when researcher’s/activist’s Jordan Maxwell, William Cooper & others warned us since the 70’s that they (the powers that be) will create a climate in this country for the citizens to take to the streets and cause civil unrest for mass incarceration thus introducing V-Chips & other devices to track every individuals every days lives as well as our currency?

Remember what I said when introducing the SILENT DOLLARS movement??? If you don’t remember, I said and QUOTE;

However, just taking to the streets may cause law enforcement retaliations in cities which may lead to serious injuries and even death. Although its noted that this move will send a clear message that we as African Americans are willing to fight and die for the cause, this move may not bring the immediate changes or respect to our plight. After the streets have been cleared by the National Guard after declared Martial law, everything will just go back to the way it was with the possibility of thousands of Blacks killed.”

And also... 

“A more concrete strategic stand for justice must be implemented where Blacks can fight while staying at home without the defiance of taking over streets that may cause loss of life. Once SILENT DOLLARS begins, people will be able to participate right at home and celebrate Black Americas first step to economic recovery, respect & independence by cooking Thanksgiving like spreads, relaxing & or partying, all without supporting NOT ONE WHITE OWNED BUSINESS!”

And just in case you’re not taking this issue or our plight seriously and think… “Well, it won’t affect me” or “This is just here-say rhetoric” … let me lat this on you…

By the time you read this article, the US Senate will vote on a bill that would give the President the ability to order the military to arrest and imprison American citizens anywhere in the world for an indefinite period of time.

A provision of S-1867, or the National Defense Authorization Act Bill, written by Senators John McCain and Carl Levin, declares American soil a battlefield and allows the President and all future Chief Executives to order the military to arrest and detain American citizens, innocent or not, without charge or trial.

In other words, if this bill passes and the President signs it, OWS (Occupy Wall Street) protesters or any American could end up arrested and indefinitely locked up by the military without the guaranteed right to due process or a speedy trial.

This bill was written in secret and approved by committee without a single hearing. Senate Republicans support the bill and enough Democrats support it to give it a great chance of passing.

If you are an American citizen, protect your constitutional rights. Call your senator and tell them to approve of the Udall Amendment. No American citizen should be arrested by the military and held indefinitely without charge or trial. It’s not conducive to American values and would give the military and the government more power over the American citizenry. The last time Americans had to deal with an overreaching military was during the Revolutionary era. Because of that, the founders included the 3rd Amendment to ban the quartering of troops during times of war and peace. Once again, Americans are under threat of dealing with a military that has more power than it should have. And it could cost us most of the freedoms we tend to take for granted.

If enacted, sections 1031 and 1032 of the NDAA would:

1.     1. Explicitly authorize the federal government to indefinitely imprison without charge or trial American citizens and others picked up inside and outside the United States.

2.     2. Mandate military detention of some civilians who would otherwise be outside of military control, Including civilians picked up within the United States itself; and…

3.     3. Transfer to the Department of Defense core prosecutorial, investigative, law enforcement, penal, and custodial authority and responsibility now held by the Department of Justice.

And whom do you think will be affected mostly by this??? Yes, African Americans!

SILENT DOLLARS: 2 DAYS OF RESTRAINTis exactly what the doctor ordered!

It sounds like a great strategic fail-safe plan to me! Utilizing a multidirectional attack strategy that White America & the Government has utilized on Black people since slavery.

Stay at home without taking to the streets to occupying public locations! The cost is merely a fragment of that. You don’t have to go nowhere so you’re not using gas, or spending on public transportation fare’s and you don’t have to sit outside in the cold. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about getting punked by the police. At best, all we need to do is spend for that big celebratory spread (Feast)!

So we don’t work for these companies on these 2 symbolic DAYS while also not patronizing them??? Are you kidding me??? The chain reaction in corporate America will be light-years more devastating than sitting outside occupying some public location hoping for a miracle! And best of all, we are launching our AFRICAN AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY which will be decaled on this day-June 4 & 5 2012 as we come together to celebrate while enjoying our Holiday-like spreads cooked by our queens (our mother’s, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends…etc.!)

Keep in mind that were entering a presidential election in 2012 so the obvious attention this current occupy movement is receiving will be for not, but for how much and how long??? There will be no negotiations with the Occupy Wall Street reps on Capitol Hill! There will be no signing of a Bill to level the playing fields! Nothing will be accomplished because this will be eventually swept under the rug- just like the law enforcements in the country simply sweeping the protestors out of the parks, centers, campuses…etc all the way home.

Some media /political experts are predicting this will make the government make changes to rectify the current situation, but I seriously doubt it- as this will obviously bring the awareness to light- only for the government to make temporary, sideswiped band aid solutions to stifle the public which will again only slightly stimulate private sectors.

Because of this occupy movement, this is the perfect time to execute SILENT DOLLARS: 2 DAYS OF RESTRAINT


I remember a scientific war strategy from the Eisenhower years… “When they think you’re going left, go right” or – when they go left, you go right”.

And what about the economic resurgence in the Black community???

The answer to this lies with Elijah Muhammad’s economic revitalization plan. African Americans spend over 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS a year! With this kind of spending power, we have the power to build our own country or state, our own institutions, to educate our own, to house our own, feed our own…etc. If the 40 – 50 Million of us saves 5 cents per day; 25 cents per week: 1 dollar per month. After just one year we would have millions-perhaps billions to rebuild our community! Starting with opening and also placing these dollars in the African American Banks so that they can give out Loans to entrepreneurs to start or build their business, individuals to buy low income homes and of course build our own schools…etc.! Link this with SILENT DOLLARS: 2 DAYS OF RESTRAINT and it’s a wrap! GUARANTEED!!!

Every other ethnic group has figured this out and acted on it and so should we!


The occupy movement is not nearly strategic or scientifically structured to make corporate America and the government make the necessary changes. It’s still a one dimensional attack that can be stiffed very easily, especially since winter is literally here—and winters in cities like Boston, Chicago and New York can be very brutal.  

To you misdirected occupy people.

How about occupying your homes, churches… etc for 2 days straight, while simultaneously not working for these very same entities that contribute to this economic debacle! And how about not using the internet sites and search engines that generates billions every time you click like Google, Face book, Yahoo and Twitter along with their big online stores that these same entities own!

And while we’re at it, how about not patronizing these same companies & big business in the streets and other non-Black owned business & institutions on these same 2 days? The answer is very simple! RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!

The course of action is to obviously…




JUNE 4 & 5 2012


Our lives & generations lives & well being counts on it!


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