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There is an alert on an apparent conspiracy wave by white supremacists and or governing factions to frame African Americans by using “BLACK MASKS” to perpetrate crimes in our communities across the country. The masks are very realistic and often aided by makeup. The crimes they commit mostly consist of shooting’s, and or killings to further the agendas of fear mongering, to divide and conquer in the black community as it relates to gangs to keep them fighting and killing each other and from forming truce’s, to continue the fear of our youth in the community, and to perpetuate through the Media the stigma of Blacks Killing Blacks and committing other criminal activities. 

Take the recent shooting at the police station at a Black Lives Matter rally in Minneapolis Minnesota, where the perpetrator’s wore dark masks and makeup to hide their identities to make it appear that they may have been black men, but revealed that they were two white men and an Asian male.

Also, I received word that when the Bloods and Crips called a truce (especially to keep the peace by standing outside stores to prevent looting back in April) amongst rioters, one of the generals of the gangs was accosted by L.A. police. While being detained by these police officers in another part of town, the officers or detectives took the gang members car, disguised themselves, and went into the rival territory and committed a drive by shooting, then returned to the location where they were holding the rival member and released him to drive away in his car, thus ending the truce between the two gangs.

Another similar tactic is theorized about the recent shooting of Tyshawn Lee, the 9 year old whom was execute in an alley in Chicago, Ill. It is suspected that it may have been a police officer whom lured the child into the alley towards the garage to execute him to keep up a division, and to speed up the retaliation based on the recent activity that was reported through the media, where court papers provided by the prosecutor's office said that "Tyshawn's death is the result of a gang war" between two particular gangs that "came to a boil" after Morgan's brother, Tracy, was shot and killed in a car with their mother on October 13.  The mother was shot and wounded, court papers said.

Now if you listen carefully to how Tyshawn was lured into an alley, it’s more than likely that at 9 years of age, he (Tyshawn) was street smart enough and or schooled by his mother, father, other family members, and teachers to avoid certain individuals and or strangers, so the probability of any rivals approaching him to lure into an alley would be pretty slim. After all, this is a 9 year old boy, not a toddler / preschooler, so he, along with any other kid in the hood in today’s climate, knows well enough not to be lured by someone they don’t know, and how to identify a gang member or rival gang member. After all, gangs have recruited children as young as 9 years old to be their watchdogs and runners.

However, a child in that age bracket is more likely to trust a police officer (which schools and parents teach children to trust) who pulls aside in their marked car, or maybe even an unmarked but still identifiable police car (a detectives vehicle), to alert them of some event involving their parents or relatives, to lure to a location where they (the parents) are being held, only to commit (in the case of Tyshawn) the now nationally known execution.

Now the part about the rivalry and recent activities are apparently true, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Corey Morgan committed this crime. The police may have simply beat him to the punch, to escalate this rival, mainly because gangs in Chicago are now diluted and have been broke down into block by block factions, not regulated by the traditional leadership of the past, thus resulting in a decline in shootings since 1988, especially, assassinations of children. Also, community activist like Father Pfleger, Andrew Holmes and many others have been successful in preventing such retaliations over the past 10 years, resulting partially in the decline of shootings.

The fact is that on November 2, Tyshawn was executed. Based on the recent revelation of the Black Mask Conspiracy, and the fact that gang members have turned their counterparts in for far less money (for as low as 2 to 10 thousand dollars) than what was offered in the reward of $52,000 for information leading to the perpetrators(s) of Tyshawn’s executioner(s), and the fact that after 27 days, (almost a month later), there has been no report by the media or any other source that a tip from a person led to the arrest of Corey Morgan and the pursuit of suspect Kevin Edwards, to receive the reward money,  this scenario is definitely probable, in fact, I’m willing to bet my last dollar, this is what what really occurred that day.

This all goes back to the ole school realization and saying, particularly in Chicago, that “The police are the first, biggest, and baddest gang”.

Please be aware of this conspiracy, and share this information with the pictures with everyone! Do not let them divide us and keep living in fear! We must also take action against this level of crime immediately!

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